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French Horn Rebellion

Written, produced and mixed by brothers Robert and David Perlick-Molinari, The Infinite Music… is a debut album that warps the fabric of dance, electro, rock and funk and may just turn out to be a contender for this year’s most ambitious, multi-faceted and engaging debut album. Crucially, the album also follows an intergalactic narrative that tracks the physical and emotional journey of an unknown French horn player. “There is a story running through the album, it’s about the Universe. We’re pretty clear on what the story is, but what you take away from it may be something entirely different,” says David.
The Brooklyn-based duo already had an illustrious pedigree; David produced MGMT's indie release, Time to Pretend EP for New York indie Cantora Records, and with previous single “Up All Night” they scored a Record of the Week on BBC Radio 1 and an opening slot on the influential Kitsuné Maison compilation series. The band have also remixed the likes of Sleigh Bells, JD Samson & MEN, Two Door Cinema Club, OMD and Alex Winston.

The Great Apes (French Horn Rebellion Backing Band)

On the heels of their recent ‘Damn Dirty’ Live EP release, self-proclaimed ‘funk-blast warriors’ The Great Apes continue to solidify their place in NYC as a beacon for all inter-borough hip shakers. In June they were awarded the ‘Audience Choice’ award at WNYC’s 2012 Battle of the Boroughs after delivering a fierce performance repping Queens County.
Throughout the year the band’s live show remains a tremendous strength in their repertoire. The combination of J.Trom’s soul-man howl with the group’s electro-funk force consistently electrifies fans. “Obviously, your music has an emotional impact,” declared radio host Terrance McKnight to a roaring crowd at the band’s WNYC appearance. That emotional impact comes in large part from The Great Apes’ ability to marry the soul of the past to the raging pulse of today, sending their vibrations far off into the future.

In October 2012, The Great Apes released their first studio single ‘Dancefloor Democracy, which takes the band’s Beastie Boys no-holds-barred approach and dials it in with David Byrne-sian precision. With the release of an accompanying music video, the group plans to deliver gift baskets of sweaty dance wonders through 2013.

Auto Body (Live)

Conceived in and birthed from Austin’s steamy underground houses of Rock, Auto Body is Live Indie Electro Fusion. Fueled by their shared bloodlust for sonic divinity, and armed with a war chest of synthesizers, samplers, rattlesnakes, and a bass guitar, Tibaut Bowman and Felix Moreno, crusade the universe in search of the electronic Holy Grail.

Felix Moreno: Contrary to popular belief, Felix is actually the son of Argentine soccer star Jose Manuel Moreno, also known as “El Charro.” Ranked as one of the the best 25 players in 20th century by the IFFHS, it is widely believed that the great El Charro died in 1978 at the age of 62. In Fact, he had faked his own death in order to escape the country to be with his one true love, Kim Ryrie. The much younger Ryrie used her Spring/Autumn love affair with Moreno as inspiration to finish her masterpiece- the first polyphonic digital sampling synthesizer known as The Fairlight CMI. As the legend goes, Ryrie and Moreno concieved Felix during the final stages of the groundbreaking synth’s design and construction only to see it rise to prominence in the early 80’s after their son’s birth. Allegedly Felix was literally born in the studio workshop on a soft, make-shift, bed of circuitry and hand-made audio cables. To this day the young Moreno claims to have a full conscious memory of his own birth, and has dedicated his life to music theory, and electronic sound synthesis. Armed with a degree in composition from Northwestern University, and a trailer full of synthesizers, Felix roams the countryside in quest of Electro righteousness.

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