Crazy Pills, Auto Bonfire, Stereo Off, DJ KGB

Crazy Pills

Equal parts garage, punk and soul, NYC trio Crazy Pills channel the
ghosts of rock and roll past, present and future to make you nostalgic
for something you’ve never heard before.

Auto Bonfire

Auto Bonfire is a New York City-based post-punk/new wave band formed by Esther Crow (of The Electric Mess and DEVA) and Derek Davidson (of The Electric Mess). Inspired by bands from the late 70's and early 80’s, Auto Bonfire blends a new romantic sound with a post-punk edge. Members include Crow (vocals, synthesizer), Davidson (bass), Stirling Krusing (guitar), and Sparkie Sandler (drums).

Stereo Off is a five piece group of New York City based indie rockers with electronic overtones. When producer/ lead vocalist Sebastian began the new project, he enlisted an eclectic roster of friends from SUNY music conservatories, Juilliard, and the band scenes of London and NYC. With influences ranging from electronic bands and rock influences from classic rock to 90's indie bands, Stereo Off takes a straight forward approach in their danceable melodies, catchy guitar riffs and analog keyboard accents.



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