On June 7-9, 20 bands will make 20 videos with 20 filmmakers. On June 15, you'll see the results -- videos by indie-rock bands, electronic acts, metal groups, folk ensembles, rappers. You name it, we got it!

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Magic Fight

Magic Fight began in Oakland, California in a breezy late spring nightmare.

"Magic Fight is a self-proclaimed “sad pop” underground indie rock band based in San Francisco, California. Venezuelan native Hernando Buitrago, along with his band mates, Alex Haager, Alex Pinto, and Jeff Gist’s have created a collection of music that is dense and engorged with beautiful and consistently soothing soundscapes. Their extremely dreamy and darkly pop-driven track, Fangs, is a single and the very first track on their newly released full-length album, Wooden Swords and Stolen Echoes. The entire album is fluid and enigmatic, with musical resemblances to bands like The Shins and Modest Mouse."

Animal Friend

Animal Friend was born over the course of several years in San Francisco. The head came out full of wiggling feelers, bass guitars and drum rolls. Her parents were surprised when the body emerged looking more like a synthesizer. Last were the various appendages, still shaky, but clutching tambourines, and more synthesizers. Over time, she has grown into quite a beast. At times, her penetrating, lonely cry can be heard from across city at night. At other times, she coos softly, like a flute. Gentle at a distance, but muscular and even dangerous in person, she now rides a bicycle on stage.

Here's what The Bay Bridged had to say about a recent field recording:

"That still may not give you a good sense of where these guys come from, but when you make kick ass music as funky and lively as Animal Friend does, none of that stuff matters. They recently released a single "Sunset" that will make it hard for you to sit still, with a driving beat topped with falsettos and synths all over the place. Their earlier release, an EP entitled Feelers Out, follows a similar formula that works perfectly."


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