Captured by Robots

"Do you like riding unicorns? Have you met Ashy Larry? What is the meaning of the universe? Why is this rock so squishy as I bash your head in? What did that cat say to me? Got crack?
All your questions will be answered at the “C!BR is Trippin’ Balls” Spring tour. This is a
new era for C!BR. We are branching out, trying new things, finding a new path, eating babies.
Be prepared to go on a trip like you’ve never gone on before. A place where up is down, where Vietnamese sandwiches dance with rabbits, where dildo trombones fuck your face for eternity. Things can happen, things will happen. When was the last time you really lived? Really?
Come out and witness 5 real robots and one idiot human explore the mind. Be brave, my child.

Tom Martin Social Club

I moved to West Chester, Pennsylvania from Michigan, at the tail-end of second grade. I was there for all of third and fourth grade, and then my family and I moved to Wisconsin. I didn’t get into the West Chester music scene until a couple years after I’d left that town. (As much as I might like to pretend I came out of the womb with a mohawk and a safety pin in my nose, that just ain’t true. There’s no way I was going to local punk shows at the age of nine. I was still listening to New Kids On The Block at the age of nine.) One of the bands I discovered? 3rd Year Freshman. This is the one and only track of theirs I ever heard - it may have been their only real release - it was on the Creep Records compilation Dad, I Can’t Breathe.

This song. It’s sloppy, out-of-tune, and utterly ridiculous. There’s a bit of a Dead Milkmen-esque sound to it. It’s perfect.

Two days ago I turned punk rock / people ask me why, I say ‘ANARCHY!!!’ / two days ago I turned punk rock / now I walk into Devon Denny’s with an attitude and a strut.



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