Moon Safari Club:, Scratch Massive (Live)

Scratch Massive (Live)

A year ago, Maud Geffray and Sébastien Chenut, who make up the French duo
Scratch Massive, brought out their third studio album, Nuit de Rêve, a dreamed-up
journey that pays homage to the greatest hours of 1980s New Wave, with a new
take inspired by 20 years of techno. A melancholic and refined journey featuring the
young French prodigy Koudlam, the incredible Chloé as well as the eternal star with
the falsetto voice – Jimmy Somerville on “Take Me There” - a track to move even
the most hard-hearted. A record ahead of its time which celebrates and cheerfully
draws on the 1980s as the golden age of electronic composition.
But how best to take this record – which created such dark, heartrending and slowmoving moods – onto the stage? In concert from Paris to Moscow, via Madrid,
Scratch Massive has figured out the best way to do this by remembering one of their
favourite live albums: Depeche Mode's “101”. The duo got down to it by adapting
the highlights of Nuit De Rêve. Raising the beats, synthesisers humming, dark and
muggy atmosphere, hazy and haunting vocals, the crowd in harmony: this muscular
live version, which ties up the dancefloor ambiance, wears its name well:
Communion. A communion in the form of a black mass, deadly, where synthesisers,
beatboxes and other machines join in the dance.
In addition, Scratch Massive had the brilliant idea of calling upon Edouard Salier,
one of the stars of contemporary music videos (he has worked with Massive Attack,
Justice...), who produced “Waiting for a Sign”, a tribal piece created by the
talented Koudlam, a sort of 2010s industrial dance track. The beautiful music
video, filmed in Thailand, perfectly evokes the muted, mysterious and Shaman
violence that oozes from the title.

MR NÔ (Live)

Derived from the Sino-Japanese word for "skill" or "talent", Nô (or Noh) theater is a major form of classical Japanese musical drama that has been performed since the 14th century.

Bringing these 2 worlds into electronic music was probably a risk but when Mr Nô started producing music for his debut EP (Snake EP) in 2011 on Different recordings (Vitalic, Agoria, Tiga, Crystal Fighters…) with these influences in mind, it didn't take long time to get noticed by opinion leader magazines such as Trax or Les Inrockuptibles in France and convinced BBC Radio 1 dj Rob Da Bank to open one of his show with The Snake. Not only Mr Nô music reminds you of why you fell in love with the bright lights of techno/electro but also proves that electronic music is emotion through your body and your eyes.

His Versus EP last year on Lektroluv records (Mumbai Science, The Subs, Modek…)definitely made Mr Nô the newcomer to follow. Early support from biggest names in electronic scene and mind blowing live shows in the best european places every weekends (Fabric London, Rex club and Social club Paris, Razzmatazz Barcelona, Hacienda Manchester…) have caught Jean-Charles de Castelbajac's attention. With the famous fashion designer Mr Nô did an amazing show (300.000 people were here, yes) in Lille, France, and they are now working on Mr Nô's third EP.

Mr Nô is a new talent to keep an eye on.

M/O/S/E/S (Live)

Cézaire (DJ Set)

Cézaire's love for G-funk high-pitched synts directly comes from West Coast sounds.
He is also in love with funky basslines and chill melodies.
Cézaire's smooth way of life turns around music, and when it comes to dance : he remembers the good ol' days!

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