August Lutz, Song Dogs, Kathryn Berhardt, Mat Burke

August Lutz (of Levee Drivers)

Song Dogs

Reminiscent of the Allman Brothers, The Band and Neil Young, the group includes six members, three of whom share the lead vocals, offering lots of variety from track to track on their debut album Wild Country. - Val Haller -New York Times

Song Dogs has gained national media attention for their debut full length albumWild Country, and notoriety for dynamic live performances. The New York Times released two live videos recored at Philadelphia-based Hotbox Studios as well as a new single, "Anyway," in November 2013. The six-piece crafts songs with warm harmonies, scorching guitars, and driving rhythms. WXPN said, "Part Neil Young, part Jackson Browne, Wild Country is a collection of songs blending rock, folk, and blues with a focus on storytelling."
-Julie Miller-WXPN

You can find downloads of their music and links to press at

With the angst of a mid 20s punk rocker, the sorrow of a traditional country artist, and the free wheeling spirit of his folk heros. Mat Burke is unlike anything else. Pint after pint and song after song, he pours his heart and soul into every chord, every lyric and every shot of whiskey. Mats attitude and presence on stage demands attention and like it or not he is here to stay MBFU!



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