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Blues, indie, classic rock, all coexisting as one in the passion-, soul-driven four-piece band Mergence — a band that will not only draw you in, but keep you on your toes and soles, while you sway with every note.
Compared to the likes of The Black Keys, Led Zeppelin, The Beatles and Pink Floyd, it is undeniable that Mergence's distinctive trait is the passion and soul infused in the performance of each track.

The bands meditative lyrics are as raw as its sound, threading themes of life, love, sex and death. Their tracks evoke a strong reaction from their devout, diverse following, from young to old and from all walks of life. With an earthy, catchy sound, Mergence is as real as it gets. Their live shows and performances are an unequivocal match to the quality of their tracks and album — because they're recorded mostly live, too — packaged into a lustfully smooth sound, collaboratively and effortlessly produced by the band's diverse members, including vocalist/guitarist/keyboardist Adam Bruce, Yod on guitar, Brandon Shupe on bass and Jason Roedl rounding out the rhythm section on the drums.

Dirty Lingo

Dirty Lingo has sold thousands of their original albums: “Pleasant By Being Rude” and “Junk Food Junkies”, they have developed an extensive fan base, play multiple shows per week, and are known throughout the Southwest. Dirty Lingo is also in the process of completing the recording of their third album - to be released soon!

Together-Mike, John, and Adam collective talents, experiences, and friendships are DIRTY LINGO.



Pride Through Strife

Three triplet brothers hailing from mesa town AZ strive to bring bangin rock reggae to your ears. With a fusion of latin, reggae, punk and funk, this trio has a creative mix that will likely take them far! These guys have been playing music together since they were old enough to lift a drum stick. Their unique connection allows them to enter a groove likely compared to notorious reggae rock groups such as Pepper and 311. Be on the look out for these rising stars and as the boys would say "Stay Up".


Known for their energetic live shows, and proclivity to dispense ice cream sandwiches to their fans, The Deer Leader is a product of various local bands that have their origins in the Phoenix area. After disbanding the punk/blues band, Space Trash, to create their own brand of high energy blues/punk/bluegrass/ska-influenced music, Deer Leader was born. Combining hypnotic guitar/sampling prowess with massive riffing have given the band a unique ability to transcend musical genres, often within the same song.



Vintage-style ska songstress Sara McAllister currently showcases her all-original acoustic set for audiences throughout Arizona and the Southwest. Ms. McAllister sings while strumming a classical guitar, accompanied by Anamieke Quinn on the double bass and backing vocals. This combo is known as the Sara McAllister Duo. For special occasions, Sara and Anamieke are joined by drummer, Cameron Tuttle and a horn section (as featured on her debut album Pheetown Girl, available on iTunes), known as the Sara McAllister Band. Sara McAllister’s jazzy vocals, rocksteady rhythm and infectious ska choruses have carved a space in the underground music scene that unifies audiences of all preferences. Sara McAllister has honed her skills with some of ska's finest musicians by supporting acts such as Warsaw Poland Bros., Starpool, Monkey, The Aggrolites, The Slackers, and The Toasters.


Fresh and folky, swing and sultry songstress Anamieke hooked up with Matt Ventre (formerly of the 2Tone Lizard Kings) and then swooped up Ehren and Adam from the recently disbanded Quixote. Treasurefruit launched in the Spring of 2011 and have been playing shows around the valley ever since. In July of 2012, our bassist Adam transcended the earthly plane and we are now a trio, solemnly sworn to kick maximum ass.


We've come from way out deep in space,
We're here to save the human race.


Ghazaal Beledi World Dancers

Ghazaal Beledi (Arabic for "Dancing Gazelle") is a world fusion and tribal belly dance troupe based in Phoenix and Tempe, Arizona. They formed in 2008 to perform at the 2009 Arizona Renaissance Festival in a world music and dance variety show and found that they didn't want to stop there! The music is inspired by both modern and traditional cultural pieces as this plays a very significant role in the choreography and improvisation of the dance pieces. The dancers are trained in a number of styles including Irish, English, Scottish, West African, Bhangra, Rajasthani, Bollywood, Arabic, Cabaret, Egyptian, Tribal, Flamenco, Ballet, Modern, Jazz, Hip Hop, and Breakdance, as well as prop and fire art. They draw from all of these influences in their world fusion style as well as adding in some theatrics and humor for good measure.

$10.00 - $12.00


Live Art, Face Painting, Dunk Tank, Mobil Piercing, Local Tattoo Artists, Mustache Contest, Salsa Contest, and much more!

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