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Gabe Liebowitz (Of Dastardly)

Dastardly is a Chicago outfit that plays americana music with just the right ratio of "sticky-sweet" to "fuckin' shit up." Every note is deliberate and controlled, but just barely masks an urgent and immediate sense of existential, frantic terror that must be slowly driving them mad.

Glad Fanny

Fanny is a Chicagoland native, a recent New York transplant, and an actress by day. In October of 2007, while suffering her first major heartbreak, Fanny took solace in retail therapy at the Old Town School of Folk Music's Drummer Music store. There, for thirty dollars, she purchased her first powder-blue soprano ukulele. And then - slowly, surely - she began to find her voice as a singer/songwriter.

Laurelin Kruse

Laurelin E. Cruz is an indie singer and a quirky songwriter from the Colorado Desert. She is influenced by literally everyone from Jenny Lewis and the Watson Twins to Two Gallants and literally everyone in between. Her favorite band is The Elected. She got serious about music on the day she thought to herself, "hey why not write some original sawngs?" Speaking of which, her songs deal with everything from getting turned down at America's Got Talent auditions to the weed apocalypse and literally everything in between. So far she has 4 songs but is working on a 5th and 6th now. Why does Laurelin E. Krause like music so much? To answer this we must first ask ourselves, "who's asking?" Then we will find that the reason she loves music is because of the way it makes her feel. Toward the end of paying to audit classes at Yale School, Laurelin E. Krooss met one Jack Goldman. "Who's Jack?" I bet you're wondering. Jack is an ESPY (ask Mirko what this is) winning producer known for his work with the found sex sound group Sidewalk Date. When Jack and Laurie first met he had her sign a contract agreeing that, with Jack as her producer, she had to do whatever he said and could never cry. After that they started whipping together her first sophomore album, "Winter in Stiles (or, Winter in Mindy's Eyes)." The more Jorg' pushed Larn toward "the Reliant K sound," the harder it became for Lar to stop herself from crying even though she knew he was right. Get excited because this album has everything from drum set to vocals to percussion and literally everything in between. As Lol Lin Ku says in her never before heard single, Jupiter, "keep your hat on."



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