Mellow Bravo

In the winter of 2009, Andrew Doherty (Codetta/Motherboar) and David Jarvis (Codetta/Stu Walker) had time on their hands, and a pile of riffs to work with. Despite being involved in modern rock and metal projects, this time the goal was to harness the sound and power of 70's arena rock and try to blend it with the energy and soulfulness of Motown. The two invited singer Keith Pierce (Hydronaut/Buried in Leather) to an informal rehearsal. It became clear in the first hour of rehearsal that Mellow Bravo was going to be an exciting band.

Soon after, Jess Collins (Static Dynamic/Baby Boy H), Jeff Fultz (Seamless/Bloodwitch) and Steve Fanale (Bacchus King) joined on. That summer Mellow Bravo booked their first show; a sold out day-time BBQ at O'Brien's. The show was so successful that by the end of the weekend, they had already booked a residency there for the fall. Steve Fanale left the band to pursue other projects. He was replaced by Seager Tennis (Buried in Leather/Toxic Narcotic), thus completing the current line-up. Good things came very quickly as Mellow Bravo went on to headline the St. Patrick's Day party at Great Scott with Mid-Atlantic and a string of high profile shows in Boston and NYC and after just one year, Mellow Bravo has been headlining shows throughout Boston.

Mellow Bravo's music is extremely dynamic from song to song and the band decided to take an innovative approach by recording their debut full length at three separate recording studios (New Alliance, Mad Oak and Camp Street). Mellow Bravo released Strut on September 10, 2010 at the Middle East Downstairs to a packed house and will be playing very soon in a city near you.

Big Digits

Big Digits is a two man party attack formed from the ashes of crashed computers dusted over dented dancefloors. Starting up around 2003 in Cambridge and Somerville, MC Mac Swell and TD have been making the kids sweat and shake with unrelenting beats that aim for the head and don’t stop till they reach the outer limits of your ability to stay jaded. Rhymes about getting down, getting out, and getting up leave couplets kicking around your mind for days afterward. Choruses become mantras to attain ultimate party focus. The compositions come from sampled hooks culled from forgotten records, mixed with hip-hop drum breaks and “4 on the floor” style electronic beats, all channeled into the direction of having a good time. It’s the soundtrack to those house parties where you danced without abandon and wished the moment could last forever.



Life's a Grave Baby, Dig It!



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