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Romantic Rebel

Romantic Rebel started off in 2012 as a project between siblings KT and Alex and quickly became a full time venture in six very short months. The Chicago, IL based duo immediately began writing a catalog of original material siting influences such as Van Halen and Aerosmith. The band tapped former Smashing Pumpkins touring drummer Matt Walker and entered the studio to record a four song demo at world renowned CRC Studios (Chicago, IL) in September of 2012.

Becoming a promotion machine, the group immediately started booking shows, passing out demos, and filmed a video for the lead track “Dirty Love Song”. Front woman KT started using social media tactics to get their music in the hands of many industry people, as well as, many well known hard rock bands. One such person was Tim King, bassist for the heavy Rock band SOiL and Director of A&R at Pavement Entertainment. Tim immediately brought the project to Pavement President Mark Nawara. “I told Mark there was something special in this band and we should develop them” states King. “I knew with some hard work we could have the next successful female fronted rock act on our hands”. Pavement quickly snatched up the band and re-entered CRC Studios to re-work the track “Dirty Love Song”.

“The experience was awesome” says guitarist Alex Vincent. “Dirty Love song came to life in a whole new way”. Vocalist KT chimes in: “The experience of taking our music to new heights was an exciting process and taught us a great deal about the songwriting process”

Romantic Rebel will begin booking dates around the midwest and branching out to other areas of the country.

The lead track “Dirty Love Song” will be made available as a special digital release via Pavement Entertainment mid 2013.

Cherri Bomb Bio:

Half Bettie Page, half Joan Jett. Although she has been pinup modeling for a little over a year, Cherri Bomb has loved music all of her life. Now, she's combining her two worlds and bringing red lipstick and fishnets to rock and roll. She's a pint-sized pinup with a whole lot of attitude and a killer voice to boot.

Alex Vincent Bio:

Romantic Rebel's secret weapon. Not only is Alex the band's guitarist, he is also responsible for writing every riff and note on the album. He is the modern Mozart; hearing the music in his head and transposing it beautifully to the band's E.P. Music is Alex's passion. His motto is, "I don't play to live, I live to play."

Dan Daniels Bio:

Upon joining Romantic Rebel, the classically trained musician has added bass to his repertoire of musical skills. Dan's raw style of bass playing compliments Alex's guitar perfectly. Having knowledge of both contemporary and modern music composition, Dan is able to provide a unique twist to Romantic Rebel.

Max Shreffler Bio:

Max is a classically trained percussionist with great chops. He brings a diverse range of experience in rock, blues and punk that complements Alex and Dan's musical prowess and Cherri Bomb's amazing vocals.

Napervillian MILFS

Napervillain MILFs are an anti cover band cover band, declaring war on crappy cover bands in the Chicago area.

We are the anti cover band cover band, declaring war on crappy cover bands like 7th Heaven since 2011. We are Napervillain MILFs.

Stuff we cover:
AC/DC (Bon Scott era), Bad Religion, Billy Squier, Buzzcocks, The Cult (Electric era), Demolition 23, Devo, The Donnas, early Foo Fighters, Guided By Voices, The Hives, Husker Du, Jet, Joan Jett & The Blackhearts, Judas Priest, Kiss (70's era), Led Zeppelin, Naked Raygun, Nirvana (non-overplayed tracks), Oasis (Definitely Maybe era), Pegboy, Queens of the Stone Age, The Ramones, The Replacements, Rush, Sex Pistols, Social Distortion, Soft Cell, Stiff Little Fingers, Sugar, Superdrag, Thin Lizzy, Urge Overkill, Veruca Salt

The Shallow Hearts

Johnny and Ronnie had met while playing together in a Chicago based pop punk band. After a "sour" separation from that band they immediately started The Shallow Hearts. Due to Ronnie's diligence and dedication to the idea of this band, it took little to no time before they found their first guitarist: Phil. Former guitarist of The Gornys and Big Eagle Band, Phil was what we were looking for and we were what he was looking for as well. Only about a week later we got a hit on an ad Ronnie had placed... welcome James. Former vocalist and guitarist of the original line-up of Even In Blackouts and Chicago's Summer's End, James was the final piece to this puzzle. 2 weeks into the band being complete they were picked up by Infested Records, a label who's roots were sewn in hardcore. But, under the guidance of new owner Chris, the label was taking a turn to become more all around punk. One month into writing, the band had released it's first demo cut for the world to hear. And that brings us to today.

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