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The Randy Boys

Primarily intent on having a damn good time and showing the world that brilliance and poop air are thinly separated, the Randy Boys are. Are more than just a farm team for PHOX. Are a universe all their own. Not that it's a tolerable way to exist, just saying.

Oedipus Tex

Eric Caldera’s instrumental post-rock band El Valiente has garnered him the most attention in Madison, but his quieter solo project, Oedipus Tex, has been around much longer. Besides that, it gives Caldera a chance to write lyrics and sing, which winds up being the focus on his new release, Borracho Corazon. Not to say that his intricate finger-picking style doesn’t initially pull listeners in, but it’s Caldera’s cracking voice that engrains songs like “Leave Room” with a sense of loneliness and makes you jump a bit when he delivers lines like “I’m coming out your fucking stereo” on “Yonder.” Though, it’s his friends and bandmates who lift the last track, “Firefly,” to its breathtakingly rocking close. -The Onion/AV Club-

Tom Teslik & The Translators

$5 cover

Every full moon, the members of PHOX, lulled by a dark and mysterious force, loses mind and body to the harbingers of mischief known as The Randy Boys. Fluent in Latin and psychedelic funk, this musical outfit of doppelgängers has become synonymous with unpredictable behavior and earned a reputation for hammering rock ‘n’ roll into audience’s lizard brains. As a previous concertgoer once reported: “After seeing The Randy Boys live, I went home to find that my hair had turned a glow-in-the-dark green.” Other attendees have reported similar side effects, including a strong, tingling sensation in their calves following an experimental rendition of the musical Cats in its entirety. The feeling, it was said, lingered for days. On March 27th, at the height of the full moon, special guests from the Madison and Baraboo music communities will join The Randy Boys for a night of full-fledged identity crises. Come dressed up as your own alter ego for a night of impromptu music, comedy and

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