Bow Thayer, The Black Petals, Even Twice

Bow Thayer has been singing and writing songs for as long as he can remember. Making music is who he is. He incorporates it into all he does while always living up to his "reputation as a sublimely gifted artist" with the rare "ability to write new material that sounds like an instant stringband classic."

Bow made a name for himself in Boston with 7 League Boots, a rock/reggae band that shared the stage with the likes of Fugazi, The Mighty Mighty Bosstones and Pearl Jam. Fifteen years ago he made a life-altering decision to leave the city for the Green Mountains of Vermont. It was there that he explored the Delta Blues playing slide guitar for the original Elbow and began a relationship with the banjo—both in the bluegrass group, The Benders, and on his own—that continues to this day.

His current group, Bow Thayer & Perfect Trainwreck, is in the process of recording their third record (tentatively titled "Eden") with Grammy-winning engineer Justin Guip. Comprised of a failed painter, some lousy carpenters, and a piano tuner, these acclaimed artists cultivate progressive yet soulful mountain music for the general public's consumption in the hills of Vermont with an electric banjo, various other string instruments, used parts found in drums, and a keen eye for the human condition.

Bow aims to forge new sonic frontiers and Perfect Trainwreck (which one writer suggests "will become Vermont's third nationally acclaimed rock band") carries that vision to far off destinations. Having played with such music luminaries as Levon Helm, John Hiatt, Booker T, and Ringo Starr, the band has seen its fair share of travel across these United States of America and the World at large and plan to do more while supporting their records of facts, analogies and metaphors.

They have been known to throw one hell of a party, too. Maybe you have heard of Tweed River Music Festival? Bow and his band of brothers devote their lives to spreading music wherever they go and hope you have the chance to catch an earful.

The Black Petals

Somewhere between the blues and rock and roll, you'll find The Black Petals. Listen as five seasoned musicians with vision and depth come together to reinvent popular music. With roots in blues, jazz, and rock, these artist are entertaining audiences with their all original show. With fan favorites like Mrs. Koel and South of the Border, you you'll want to get on board the Runaway Train that is The Black Petals.

Even Twice

Hard hitting bass and drum duo, putting out punky, aggresive sounds.

$8.00 - $10.00


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