Propelled by ADAM MITCHELL'S punishing double-bass, JP GAUGHAN'S thresher-like shredding, the bile-spewing howls of STEVIE CRUZ, the legendary live incineration of bassist TERRY TAYLOR and the the demented guitar mania of TY SCOTT, Lawrence Kansas' HAMMERLORD are dedicated to creating utter sonic destruction.

Combining Rock n' Roll spirit with elements of extreme metal, HAMMERLORD are an entirely new take on "Modern Thrash" aiming to bring the spirit of FUN back into modern heavy music!

With quality musicianship and vicious hooks, HAMMERLORD back up their relentless studio recordings with and entertaining and impressive live show that has helped them win two consecutive local Pitch Music Awards for best Kansas City metal.


Attack On Uranus

Formed in 2006, Attack On Uranus fuses different elements of Rock n' Roll for your listening pleasure. Hell, they might even branch off of that, if your listening pleasure consists of something other than elements of Rock n' Roll. In all honesty we're just here to PARTY!

2007 - Transient Love LP
2009 - Banned In KC EP

Dr. Tooth Bone - Vocals
Peeping Thom - Guitar
Phillip Seymour Hoffman - Bass
Officer Farva - Guitar
Mr. Giggles - Drums


Formed in 2006, TROGLODYTE draws musical influences from the likes of CARCASS, OBITUARY and ORIGIN also finding inspiration from 70's drive-in horror fare such as THE LEGEND OF BOGGY CREEK, THE PIT and NIGHT OF THE DEMON. The band has craved/slashed out it's own niche as the world's first (and only) Bigfoot death-metal band.


Marasmus was born in late 2007 from the lack of real DeathMetal in the Kansas City scene. It grew out of other bands that were friends for years, since then those bands have faded into memory and Marasmus started writing. With new breath and new killer ideas the band came to life in an attempt to bring the genre back to the city without breakdowns and without compromise.Even at the bands inception they had offers to tour with national acts and had already played their first show with Death Metal giants Drawn and Quartered. Little did they know at the time, in the near future they would share the stage with bands like Nile, Origin, Lecherous Nocturne, Hour of Penance, The Black Dahlia Murder, All Shall Perish, Cannabis Corpse, Overkill, Master and many others. Marasmus has no remorse and no quit in their blood. All that matters is the unrelenting guttural mayhem that they have created as artists and as a lifestyle. Not one member is trying to conform to any traditions or any fads, just the uncompromising brutality that is the beast of metal disease known as Marasmus.


The story starts about five years before the Koktopus was birthed. At a time when the four of us would get together and, over many drinks, kick around the idea of starting a metal band. We got together a few times over at the Crain Domain and jammed some cover tunes that we all knew but nothing ever came of it due everyones fucked up schedules. Then one night late in 2006, after a night of beer drinking and Jagermeister shots at the Longbranch, Big Dave & Adam resurrected the idea of forming a brutal heavy metal band. The next day Big Dave rolled with the idea and contacted Fletch about the idea of getting together again and playing some metal. Now with Big Dave on guitar, Adam on drums, and Fletch on vocals we began to jam some of our favorite cover tunes again. After a few weeks of getting back in the groove of things we began to write some songs of our own. With some time passing we were all pretty impressed with what we had accomplished and wanted to move on to the next step and find the missing piece of the band. We had brought a few different friends in to jam with us but nothing really seemed to come of it. Then one night on a whim we called Nick and left him a message wondering if he wanted to come over, check out the songs we had, and possibly sit in on bass with us. Within the next few practices Nick had learned all the songs we had and also brought with him the exact presence the band was looking for. With the joining of these four individuals came the the birth of the KOKTOPUS. From that point on we've been dedicated to making Heavy Metal music that not only we love but Metal fans all over the place can bang their fucking heads to.



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