David Hasselhoff On Acid

DHOA is an experimental, instrumental band who dives head first into aggressive progression. When you watch this prog rock meets funk meets metal band, no drugs are necessary because the music never fails to put you in an altered state.

“We have no boundaries with our music, we believe in letting the songs go where the music takes us. Our music ranges from mellow jazz riffs to groovy funk and even bordering on the verge of metal. We put an immense amount of emotion in to our music and let ourselves be completely free from any false or fake energy on stage and off. Our live shows are more of an experience than a concert. We immerse people in the music until the show is done and the crowd wakes up from the reality we just put them in. We hold the idea that one cannot share their art with others unless the artist is completely part of their creation: the artist has to be the art. This is why our live shows are so powerful.”

At The Left Hand Of God

Getting signed and touring the universe.
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Narcotic Self

With Momentum gaining Narcotic Self continues to push the boundaries and branch out into places completely unexpected for a band with such a intense live performance and heavy metal sound.

Maps For Travelers

Maps For Travelers formed in early 2010, and is a collective of 4 musicians who have played and toured nationally in various band around the Kansas city area. Maps For Travelers have their eyes set on simply making music, writing records and taking it to the streets for people to hear. With influences such as Cave In, Failure, Shiner, Hey Mercedes, Far, Quicksand, American Football, Brand New and a long list of other bands. Maps For Travelers released a 5 song ep titled "Regress|Progress" Oct 12th 2010 to great reviews courtesy of The Pitch. " The songs mash together the snarling post-hardcore riffs of Taking Back Sunday and the muscular melodies of early Jimmy Eat World." The band also released 3 singles "Static", "Not Far Enough" and "So Kind" in late Jan 2011. 2012 brought regional touring in support of Bars of Gold and Casket Lottery. Maps For Travelers has shared the stage with acts such as Fucked up, Junius, Casket Lottery, O'Brother, Touche Amore, Balance and Composure, Appleseed Cast, Colour Revolt, The Jealous Sound, Bars Of Gold,The Bled, The Memorials, Emery, Just Like Vinyl and many other amazing bands. Look for the band to be on the road frequently in 2013 along with their debut album release "Change Your Name" set to release Aug 27th courtesy of No Sleep Records.


Kansas City based quintet Clairaudients began their journey in the summer of 2012. After 5 years under the moniker “The Atlantic” Patrick Robinson (Vocals/Guitar), Brandon Gardner (Guitar), Eric Fain (Bass), Jordan Thompson (Guitar/Vocals) and M. Blaire Geenens (Drums) found themselves in a new chapter of their artistic endeavor worthy of a new title. In the spirit of rebirth they have begun to reinvent and reinterpret their sound and surroundings with an increasingly organic intention.
Within the ever evolving world of arts, music and media culture, Clairaudients
claim a singular motive: to adhere to the concept of universal unity.



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