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Tim Rushlow

Three years after the breakup of popular country music band Little Texas, lead singer Tim Rushlow is back with a dynamic solo album that shows off a matured singer and an estimable songwriter.

The stories on his debut solo album "Tim Rushlow" (Atlantic Nashville) are about as real as they come.

A devoted wife nurses her husband through Alzheimer's disease ("She Misses Him"). A struggling couple puts aside their individual dreams of fame and fortune in favor of building a happy family ("In The Meantime"). A husband sends his wife reminders of his undying love from the grave ("The Package"). Even the sheer joy of having a great ride, and a girl to impress with it ("American Cars").

Unique glimpses of everyday life, the songs are a direct reflection of the long journey Rush low has taken from lead singer of the multi-platinum band Little Texas to now.

"Songs to me are all snapshots," Rush low said. "They're all pictures of things I may feel or want to sing about. I'm a real emotional person, so that's why I ended up with an emotional record. I like to sing songs about real issues."

After the amiable demise of Little Texas in 1997, 6 million in record sales in eight years, Rushlow chose not to rush into a solo career.

Like a diamond through the fire, Rushlow has emerged from that journey a much more centered and focused artist which shines through on his Atlantic debut, both in his songwriting and keenly sharpened vocals. Though always hardworking and devoted to his music, he demonstrated a real dedication to his craft by opting to start all over again and pay dues in launching a solo career.

"I decided to take some time to reinvent myself after the band broke up," Rushlow said. "All I knew how to do was be the frontman of the band. So I realized if I'm going to cut a Tim Rushlow record, it's going to have to be me standing on my own when I absolutely don't have any question about who I am. So I had to do some soul-searching and songwriting and find that."

The search, though tough, proved to be a fruitful one, and eventually led him straight into the studio with producer David Malloy (Reba).

Tim Rushlow was born in Midwest City, Oklahoma at Tinkers Air Force base, where his father Tom was serving in the Air Force. After getting out of the military, Tom Rushlow moved his family to Arlington, Texas, where he joined his wife Patricia's three brothers in a band called Moby Dick and the Whalers.

"The Whalers were one of those good regional acts that opened for stars like Mitch Ryder and James Brown," remembers the proud son. "They put out their own records, and even came close to appearing on 'American Bandstand.' They got real close to making it."

Rushlow followed in the footsteps of his uncles and father, learning to play drums, bass, piano and guitar. He sang to his parents' Buddy Holly, Monkees and Beatles records and then discovered country music group Alabama.

"I remember trying to imitate Randy Owen (lead singer of Alabama), and I sang like Willie Nelson on 'Angel Flying Too Close to the Ground,"' Rushlow said.

In his teens, Rushlow sang in school choirs and was soon jamming in garage bands that led to the band performing in Texas and Oklahoma. At 17, he landed a job performing at Six Flags over Texas and soon after at Opryland theme park in Nashville.

The job taught him stamina, and enabled him to make business connections that would prove invaluable later in his career.

"I learned endurance and it really prepared me to become a front man," Rushlow recalled of his days imitating legends like Owen and Jim Reeves at the theme parks.

Little Texas was formed in 1988 with Rushlow's high school buddies Duane Propes and Porter Howell moved to Nashville.

"We played clubs for years before we got signed, traveling the country in a trailer and booking ourselves and being our own crew," remembers Rushlow. "We'd drive 1000 miles from one gig to another. We lived and breathed Little Texas and weren't going to stop until we achieved it, and that work ethic is still something I carry with me today."

Their first hit came in 1991, and "Some Guys Have All the Love" launched the band on a six-year ride of hit albums and sold-out concerts.

"I want people to know that I have a serious sense of pride for Little Texas," Rushlow said. "I'll always talk about it, and I'll always perform Little Texas songs live."

"Tim Rushlow," produced by David Malloy, showcases an artist still in touch with that Little Texas sense of fun and adventure-witness the breezy "American Cars." But he's also used his time out of the spotlight to hone his songwriting chops and explore more sensitive territory.

To help him find his niche musically, Rushlow spent some time secluded from other music and videos that he felt might influence his own writing.

"I'm a chameleon," he explains, "I'm good at seeing something and wanting to copy it because I like it. So in order to avoid that, I quit watching TV and listening to the radio and just focused on my sound. It was an emotional time-an honest time."

Few singers could interpret delicate ballads like "She Misses Him" and "The Package" with the maturity Rushlow displays. His heartfelt vocals on the touching first single, "She Misses Him," lend an air of vulnerability and emotion to the song not often experienced on the airwaves these days. The song struck an immediate chord with listeners, who identified with the tender yet delicate subject of caring for a loved one with a debilitating disease.

"The song blew me away when I first heard it. I got choked up and all emotional. It really moved me," remembers Rushlow.

Lighter material like "Crazy Life," an anthem to the zany chaos that makes up everyday life, and "In the Meantime" are gently philosophical, urging listeners to make the most of life, and be grateful for life's small pleasures.

Rushlow says he relates to that sentiment, as a recording artist making the transition from band member to solo star.

"I don't take anything for granted," Rushlow said. "A lot of people don't get the chance to do this once, much less twice. I feel very blessed and flattered to get the chance to do this again. I want to go out and play these new songs for people, play some old songs from my band days too, and celebrate my past and future in one fell swoop.

"I've got a shot at chapter two here, and I'm swinging for the bleachers."

Ty Herdon

Ty Herndon is a household name to country music fans due to his impressive string of hits that began in 1995 when Herndon’s debut single, “What Mattered Most,” rocketed to number one. With 17 singles that have landed him on the Billboard Hot Country Songs charts, numerous industry awards, and more than 4 million albums sold, one might think Herndon would be content to sit back and reflect on his career achievements. Instead, Herndon recently signed a new recording deal with FUNL Music. The Nashville label has announced Ty Herndon as its flagship artist, and released to radio “Journey On,” the title single from his upcoming album.

For those who know him, Ty Herndon’s passion and commitment to music is not surprising. Raised in Butler, Alabama, Herndon has been a professional entertainer since his teenage years. At age 17, he performed at OPRYLAND USA as a cast member of “Today’s Country Roads.” He went on to compete in the first season of the now iconic television series, “Star Search” and was a winner in the male-vocalist category. This accolade led to appearances on numerous television shows and commercials.

As a live performer, Ty Herndon gained popularity while playing the honky tonks in Texas, and in 1993 he was named Texas Entertainer of the Year. That honor led to interest from Music Row and a record deal with Epic Records. Herndon made his chart debt in 1995 with “What Mattered Most,” which became his first #1 song and garnered a Song of the Year award (Music Row Magazine). It was also the title track to his debut album, which debuted at #15 on the Billboard Top Country Albums chart and had the biggest first-week shipment in the history of Epic Records’ Nashville.

Ty HerndonNot long after his win as Best New Artist at the Country Radio Music Awards, Herndon felt the weight and pressures of success. In 1995, Herndon faced a very public battle with addiction and entered rehabilitation. As part of his personal healing process, Herndon reached out to others in need, donating his time and talents to organizations such as Make A Wish, St. Jude, and Feed the Children. Herndon’s missteps, however, did not curtail his career. He topped the charts in 1996 with the single “Living in a Moment” and again in 1998 with “It Must Be Love.” Between 1995 and 2002, Herndon charted 17 singles including his three number 1’s and numerous top 10 hits such as “I Want My Goodbye Back,” “Loved Too Much,” “A Man Holding On (To a Woman Letting Go),” and “Hands of a Working Man.”

Ty Herndon’s journey doesn’t end there, however, as FUNL Music has announced the June 8th release of his newest CD project. Journey On is being heralded as the most personal project of Herndon’s career, due in large part to the fact that the CD represents his first foray into songwriting. “The people who believed in me and my talent made me even more serious about writing this album,” Herndon says, “There was so much I wanted to say to fit where I find myself spiritually and emotionally, and I wanted to sing about that.”

The songs on this project reflect the personal challenges and struggles Herndon has faced and conquered, as well as bring the listener the promise of hope and new beginnings. The title track from the album will serve as the first single and is impacting radio now. Herndon began touring in support of the project in June 2010.

Although Billy Dean has sold over 4 million albums, has scored 11 top ten singles, and 5 number 1 songs in the Country music genre, this multi-award winning singer/songwriter, prefers not to be limited to one music genre. His music style is a blend of folk, rock,
americana and country.

Jamie O'Neal

Grit N Grace

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