Paper Hill Casket Company, Castle, Milksop:Unsung, Bill Bartholomew

Paper Hill Casket Company

Formed in the fall of 2011, Paper Hill Casket Company is an alternative Americana band from New Haven, Connecticut. The members of the six-piece group represent diverse musical backgrounds - including rock, bluegrass, and classical - and the band combines aspects of these genres into a unique sound that is sometimes melodic and lilting, sometimes driving and raucous. On October 20th, Paper Hill Casket Company released their debut album, Undertow, an 11-song record that deals with themes of desperation and renewal.


Castle wages a peaceful war using music and human energy to accelerate global enlightenment and spread dazzling positivity. Castle plans to conscript you and your loved ones into an army of everlasting friendship. A family bound not by blood but by harmony, Castle will high five your inner child until you know yourself better.

This music will share your body. It will invite you onto the dance floor and release you for the first time. Bring a whip and a fedora because each show moves like an action movie. If you aren’t laced in tiger stripes by the end of night we will know you are wilder than anything we can tame. Then we will ask you to join the band.

Castle approaches music like a think tank approaches the world of ideas. The sound can evolve from quiet chamber folk to explosive and danceable indie rock. Harmonies, melodic hip hop and zombie rock operatics have been known to surface at shows.


Milksop:Unsung is a quartet out of New Haven, CT. The bluegrass instrumentation will have the crowd anticipating an old time sound, but Milksop will surprise them with wild progressions, arrangements, and lyrics. They have shared the stage with Bob Log III, The Two Man Gentleman Band and others. Aside from the recordings they have online, Milksop has an extensive set of energetic compositions that seek rowdy crowds. So, do yourself a favor and check them out.

Bill Bartholomew

"Brooklyn's Bill Bartholomew is a songsmith and natural performer. Whether backed by his full band or playing solo with his acoustic guitar, Bartholomew always delivers his unique blend of folk/rock/Americana with captivating intensity."



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