Broken Compass Society

Not all those who wander are lost…

But some are, and sometimes being lost will lead you to Craigslist ™. In 2011, singer/songwriter Kevin Harrison set out to build upon the foundation he laid with his debut 2010 recording, “Lost & Found” by filling out his folky/bluesy acoustic rock sound with a set backing band. After a few months of hopeless searching, Kevin eventually cracked and placed an ad on the musicians wanted section of the popular classified site mentioned above. After a number of disappointing, though sometimes humorous, auditions, he joined forces with Sean Hartis, a drummer who’d been toiling away in North Carolina’s local cover band scene. The two performed with a number of bass players under such memorable monikers as “Kevin Harrison & the Highland Kings”. A previous band mate of Sean’s, and fellow NC scene veteran, Alex Council kindly filled in on bass for a show, and the Broken Compass Society had its start.

Quickly realizing “Lost & Found” was no longer the best representation of the band’s sound, the trio decided it was time to get into the studio for an update. It might have been the enjoyment of playing with Sean and Alex, or the maturity that comes with turning 25, but Kevin decided it was time to move on from his solo project and settle on a unifying band name before releasing a new album. Luckily, his sister (and self-proclaimed band “Art Director”), Michelle, was quick to offer up a thematic suggestion—a Broken Compass. Months of trying out every noun in the dictionary to complete the name (Club, Brigade, Parade, the list goes on and on…) ended with the guys deciding on “Broken Compass Society”. Sean explains, “It literally came down to sitting at the bar the night before we had to turn in the artwork for our album. We’d tried everything short of throwing darts at a wall with options on it, and I think Kevin might have watched the Dead Poets Society the night before or something like that so he was stoked about “Society”. But, it fits the idea we were going for—a bunch of dudes looking for direction, and it leaves room to induct some new members into the Society later on (the band has mentioned they’d like to add another guitarist and keyboard player in the future)."

Their self-titled EP, released in August of 2012, features five tracks spanning four years of Kevin’s songwriting. The group teamed up with engineer Bruce Irvine at the renowned Reflection Sound Studios in Charlotte, NC, and came away having had a great time and wielding a sound they were proud of. The opening track, “Falling With You” sets the stage, slowly beginning with just guitar and vocals and erupting into a southern rock jam reminiscent of the Black Crowes and Doobie Brothers as Alex and Sean join the fold. “Another Mile” follows as an upbeat, modern take on 90’s rock classics like Soul Asylum and the Gin Blossoms. The band slows the pace a bit for a folky, with just a hint of country, feel on “Forty-Seven”-- a moving on declaration--a theme prevalent throughout the recording. The album then takes a hard turn with its most aggressive track, “Beggars, Barons, & Thieves”. The song “sticks it to the man”, with the refrain “You can’t hold me down” and a rhythm the guys liken to “a really dirty Tom Petty groove”. The final song is a fresh take on a track off of “Lost & Found”. “We gave ‘Here I Am’ an entirely new feel with a heavier rhythm section, Alex’s awesome harmonies, and the biggest difference to me, selfishly, is probably the electric guitar. It completely changes the character from the original acoustic version,” the songwriter explains.

With the EP completed, the next step for the Broken Compass Society? “World domination,” Sean quickly declares. “Or at least a world tour?” Kevin laughs, “Okay, maybe we’ll settle for making a living and having people really enjoy our music.”

Broken Compass Society is:
Kevin Harrison - Guitar, Vocals
Sean Hartis - Drums
Alex Council - Bass

$8.00 - $10.00


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