Terminus: Refueled <FULL WEEKEND PASS>


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Western Canada's only multi-day industrial/ebm/dark electro festival featuring bands from all over the world held in Calgary, Alberta. Full details at www.terminus-festival .com or join our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/terminusfestival. Friday, June 28 (doors 5 PM) TEKHNOTRON COMADUSTER THE BREAK UP DISTORTED MEMORY DEAD WHEN I FOUND HER KLUTAE INERTIA HAUJOBB FADERHEAD Saturday, June 29 (doors 5 PM) PSYKKLE SMP HEXRX DEFENCE MECHANISM PANIC LIFT GOTHSICLES IVARDENSPHERE XP8 COMBICHRIST Sunday, June 30 (doors 5 PM) PROMONIUM JESTERS BLUSH RESPONSE STIFF VALENTINE UNIT 187 LEFT SPINE DOWN ΔAIMON LEGEND ASSEMBLAGE 23 LEAETHER STRIP

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