We are the TSA, a new artist group . Preparing our plan to secure your in flight trance music playlist.
The TSA was created to strengthen the awareness of trance and ensure the freedom of electronic dance music for people around the world. Enjoy our music.

Kevin Alves

Kevin Alves would be hard pressed to deny the reality of destiny. As early as he could remember Kevin always wanted to be a musician and was involved with music from singing to starting his own band at age 15. “Music is the most intense way of expressing myself I’ve ever found. Alves’ influence comes from many styles of music. All eras and genres are fair game as his strongest inspiration comes f
rom music that evokes emotion.
Alves is currently working on his original music and sound design. He recently released a remix for Ultra Records of Ecotek’s “Into the night.” Also a release with Nadia Ali’s label, who Alves worked with for a remix of “Point the Finger,” which stayed on Beatport’s top 100 for several weeks, Look forward to Alves’ new productions and sample
cds coming very soon, and check him out in your hometown where he will be spinning at your favorite venues.

Dirty Little Thieves

Dirty Little Thieves is the DJ/Producer duo of Arize and Dsquise (the rhyme scheme although coincidental, we believe is fate, and we like romantic comedies) who bring extreme energy and extremely dirty electro music to your cochlea's. They call us the Certified Booty Bouncers, and by they we mean we and we speak for everyone. Prepare to Booty Bounce!

$5.00 - $10.00


The New Global Friday Experience for 5/10 features new EDM artist group, The TSA and sets by Dirty Little Thieves and Kevin Alves!

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