King Charles the Martyr, Plates Of Cake, Samuel Cooper

King Charles the Martyr

Inspired by the temperament of Mr. Charles Edward Malcolm Berry, King Charles the Martyr aims to reconstruct the Mississippi whiskey sounds of a forgotten generation. Corrupted by the wandering radio waves and phonographic debris of their previous lives, the dizzy lads of King Charles the Martyr pump out a rock and roll mash hardly recognizable to modern ears. The up-tempo melodies spilling from the fingers and feet of King Charles demand dangerous dancing and drunk dreaming. King Charles ain't peddling gold or diamonds - unconscious gyrations and illicit speculations are the currency this band trades. So, grab a warm bourbon and a pretty lady and come break a sweat with King Charles the Martyr.

Plates Of Cake

"On their debut record for the quietly consistent All Hands Electric label, Plates of Cake stake their claim in the guitar-pop arena. The melodies are tight and swelling with a quiet tension, the guitars shimmer and quake and the rhythm section subtly pushes it all along. The band also shows an impressive range, from the bright, nearly-twee pop of "Living Winter" to the propulsive rock of "Emil the Soldier" to the deathly, Cohen-esque waltz of "This Way; Not Some Other Way". With their breadth of pop styles and their tight execution, the band puts forth an admirable set on this record. How deep you delve into this short album, however, depends on how you take vocalist Jonathan Byerley. His deep, hushed voice—part smoky growl, part winking croon—can sometimes feel a little too planned-out, a little too knowing, so that he doesn't seem fully immersed in the song. He does snap out of it for the strong chorus on 'Emil the Soldier'. As the songs slow and stretch out towards the end of the record his voice wanders, and the further he drifts, the more emotive and less smirking he seems to get. It's those moments that resonate the most and rise out of an impressively diverse set of songs to stick with you." - Pop Matters

Samuel Cooper

Samuel Cooper is a multi-instrumentalist singer, songwriter and producer. He has released two EPs and the full-length album"Wildlife" under the moniker Sunglasses, on Lefse and Mush Records. Samuel recently finished his solo debut album "Treehouse", which he recorded in his home in Brooklyn, New York. He is currently playing live with his band as well as writing a screenplay to accompany his album "Treehouse". With influences like Phil Spector, Brian Wilson, Bob Dylan, Big Star, Paul Westerberg, Pavement and Harry Nilsson, Samuel Cooper's style, range and content recorded or live is very dynamic and eclectic.

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