Captured by Robots

Captured by Robots

Captured! by Robots is a touring musical comedy troupe with only one human member. It is part-concert and part-performance act, made up of three robots, two stuffed apes, three "headless hornsmen" playing backup brass, and their human, "JBOT".

The group is composed of JBOT, the human "slave" to the robots (whose intestines hang from his abdomen); DRMBOT 0110, a severed doll's head that plays the drums; GTRBOT666, who plays bass and guitar; AUTOMATOM, the assistant drummer created by robots, The Ape Which Hath No Name who plays tambourine halo; The Son of the Ape Which Hath No Name, who plays Monkey Cymbals; and the Headless Hornsmen, a full three-piece horn section.

The C!BR backstory claims that the human, in an attempt to make his own band, created the robots. Instead of following him, they revolted, pulled out his intestines and eyes, and now force him to travel the world with them, performing music and making him contemplate the inferiority of the human race.


Testosteroso is a rock band from PA that plays stupid songs about things you shouldn't put your wiener in. The band consists of Skot Shaub (Lead Vocals, Guitar) Cody Smith (Vocals guitar) Tom Rodriguez (bass) and Elias Swinehart (drums). The band was founded in 2002 by Skot, Joe Hamer, and Beacock . They broke up in 2003, and played a shit ton of reunion shows afterward...then decided to reunite in 2007 with some new members. T

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