Capital Cities

Capital Cities

Partnerships born out of a Craig’s List ad rarely end well, and being dubbed the “best band in Los Angeles” by Perez Hilton can be a dubious distinction—unless you’re talking about Capital Cities. Ryan Merchant and Sebu Simonian, the front men behind the breakout pop-rock group are a success story spawned by the Internet that’s continued to blossom. The Los Angeles-based act, which boasts a five-piece live set, took both the blogosphere and the shores of California by storm with 2011’s debut, self-titled EP, and haven’t looked back since. This year’s Kangaroo Court was a worthy follow up, and has erased any doubt that Capital Cities is a one hit wonder. Their electronic-infused pop rock represents all that is right in modern music making, and makes the perfect soundscape for a day at the beach, as long as you’re ready to dance.

"Consider yourself warned, listening to Capital Cities is
habit-forming." (Status Magazine)

"The best band in Los Angeles. We LOVE Capital Cities and their sweet
brand of hipster pop!" (Perez Hilton)

"A sonic head rush. An easy, breezy, beautiful slice of effervescent
electro-pop that absolutely kills it." (Neon Gold)

"Bound to make your dance-infused taste buds sizzle. The music swarmswith outside-of-the-box tendencies, jam-packed full of life, energy and unusual yet fantastic sounds." (Clixie)

Gold Fields


L.A. trio DWNTWN churns ethereal synth pop, but at its base strums an undeniable acoustic sensibility. At birth, the band featured an acoustic guitar, slowly replaced with production and synth. Debut "See My Eyes" sparked a fire when French label Kitsuné culled the title track for its fabled compilations last summer, and just recently they selected another DWNTWN track ("Move Me", a collab with Jhameel and Giraffage) for the new Kitsuné America 2 compilation released on April 30th. “Move Me” reached #3 on Hype Machine’s popular chart.

DWNTWN's four song EP, The Red Room, is available now.

$16.00 - $19.00


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