Black Pus, Seawhores, Slapping Purses

Black Pus

Black Pus, the solo project of Lightning Bolt drummer Brian Chippendale, follows in similar spirit — that is, its frenzy is its discipline. Never one to shy away from frantically chiseling out the physicality of music, Chippendale's aesthetic is characterized by an explosive intuitiveness rarely witnessed in the dingier, noisier realms of the underground. With the first three self-released Black Pus albums, what's apparent is that movement is of utmost importance. The brief melodies on these releases sound more like touchstones that Chippendale would then either augment to the point of surrealism or deconstruct into abstraction, all while retaining an unhinged momentum. But on Black Pus 4: All Aboard the Magic Pus, the movements are tempered by an increasing emphasis on melody, his defining aesthetic now playing second fiddle to more "conventional" structuring devices. -TinyMixTapes


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