D-Railed (acoustic set), Evading Azrael, Seven Year Nightmare, Pulse, Solklinch, Bridges Burnt, Hero For A Day

D-Railed (acoustic set)

We like to believe our music speaks for itself. We come from various backgrounds, all defined by different musical tastes. This allows us to always push each other to develop our sound. Our goal to create music we are proud of and other people enjoy to play. No cookie cutter, cereal box songs or lyrics come from D-Railed. What you see is what you get, it doesn't get more real then this.

Get wrecked with D-Railed and you'll understand why this train won't be stopped.

Evading Azrael

Evading Azrael came together March 2011. A female fronted band with a lot of musical diversity ranging in acoustic, metal, alternative and rock. We write with our hearts so our songs are kind of like an emotional roller coaster. With our love for music we strive to be great at what we do.

Seven Year Nightmare


Pulse is the hardest working Hard Rock band in Dallas/Fort Worth, TX. comprised of veteran musicians, we capture our audience with powerful live performances, melodic guitars, catchy hooks, and meaningful lyrics. We have gained so much ground in the two years since our conception and show no signs of slowing. Everything we do is made possible by our friends, family, and fans. we blur the lines of genre and open ourselves to anyone that is in need of music they can relate to.

Hero For A Day

$8.00 - $12.00


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