Traditionally a band bio is a way for people to get in tune with your history, see where you're currently at in your career, get the origin story, etc - but it's completely inconsequential for a working artist. For people who've spent years trying to survive making music, doing something you feel is important can be suffocating - and summing up that struggle in broad strokes is tedious.

What makes people respond to something? Is it honesty? Anyone can be true, say what makes sense to them - talk about how they feel. It's especially tricky to answer this question in a world where it's never been easier to be heard, but never been harder to get anyone to listen. Is it ridiculous to think you can connect with anyone when more people are using a computer to know their community than the actual community around them?

It can be confusing doing something when it's all you know. It means you are constantly sacrificing, whatever it is, to try and get someone to see things your way. It's personal and it's a message not everyone will receive. It's like being a Goth or a Smiths fan (of which I am both).

Friends are disintegrating, patterns are becoming habits and everyday you wake up the world you know is different. Still, we make ways to relate with people, we search out meaning and make sense of our surroundings. And somehow, four adults can coordinate two practices a week to try and make sense of it together.

Disappears have been a band since 2008.
Disappears are aged 36 and up.
Disappears have had three drummers, one of them well known.
Disappears focus the energy of post-punk into the repetition of dub and minimalism.
Disappears have some members who were in bands you may recognize or own records by.
Disappears artwork all looks the same.
Disappears are on Kranky Records.

The Vivids

The Vivids, composed of lead singer/guitarist Sim Jackson, live aspects Jonny Yela (bass) and Gustov Mentzer (drums) formed in Long Beach, California ("...this drugged up beach side town," as Jackson sings in "Here Comes the Chain" from their first E.P.) in 2010. They play with an energy and focus that recall post-/art-punk touchstones like A Certiain Ratio, The Names, Wall of Voodoo, Gun Club or Devo and the Talking Heads at their edgiest, while flirting with psychedelic guitar leads and the occasional surf warble.

Imagine Martin Hannett producing the Ventures or the deepest cuts from Factory Records poured through a filter of shoegaze and hard-luck street punk. This is not the sunshiny day music of coastal contemporaries Best Coast or Wavves; it's music that floats through dingy, smoky beach flat apartments and simultaneously unnerves as it soothes, the washes of guitar grounded by the metronomic rhythm section, coming on like the very beginning of a particularly intense trip as your stomach churns a bit in anticipation of an unknown soon to be revealed and leaving with the low menace of the rumbling ocean outside as you try to fall asleep on a pile of sheets on the floor.

--- Tom Child (LA Record)

Douglas and The Furs

Hailing from a garage on a side street of Orange County, trio Douglas and the Furs are making serious noise all around Southern California and in an increasingly large list of surrounding areas. Blending powerful punching riffs, dark bluesy melodies, and just the right dose of chaos, they may as well be forcing the bodies of their listeners to move. Straying away from their reverb soaked feel good surf pop surroundings they present a harsher yet perhaps more genuine take on modern music. Having just released their debut EP in late August, Douglas and the Furs are prepared to get as loud as they need to be to reach your ears.

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