Twin Sister

Twin Sister

Twin Sister are a Brooklyn-by-way-of-Long Island quintet that do so much so well. Their songs have a remarkable sense of atmosphere and romanticism. They nod at their heroes-- maybe Stereolab and Björk, maybe Cocteau Twins or 1980s pop-- without overtly stealing.


Lockets are a duo from Philadelphia consisting of vocalist Dani Parker and multi-instrumentalist Todd Mendelsohn. Since releasing their debut single "Camera Shy" at the tail end of 2011, Lockets have been likened to contemporaries such as Beachhouse, the influential Cocteau Twins, and have been described as "an innocent, fledgling My Bloody Valentine jacked up on a whole Halloween's worth of candy". Lockets' synth-wrapped brand of dream-pop creates lush, cinematic landscapes punctuated by shimmering guitars and softly layered vocals. The live performance features a full band that help bring Parker and Mendelsohn's project to life. Lockets debut full length has just been released on London indie label, Beautiful Strange.

Acres of Diamonds

"Philly sextet Acres of Diamonds seems the product of a bygone era. The vulnerability of its self-titled EP, released last summer on Bandcamp, can be chilling; its swell-to-hope crescendos, breathtaking. It might not be fashionable, but that's not the point; when was the last time you heard music this honest?" -Citypaper



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