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Midnight Mosaic

What is Midnight Mosaic? Most will think we're just a band and our goals align exactly with that. However, if you scratch deeper a bit past the surface, we are the remnants of collective tears from angels and devils. Harrisyn Hartt, A.t. Hunte, Trent Carter, Gil T. Brown, Animal Jones (AJ) and Be Reddy - this is our line up, this is our assault force. Everyone speaks about musical influences and I ...will do the same - All music influences us! I know it sounds a bit silly just to say
everything influences... but it's true. For example, Pink Floyd, Van Halen, Incubus, Michael Jackson, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Prince, and The Talking Heads just to name a few of many.

Our sound has the good time rock feel of Van Halen, lays down the funk like the RHCP, has the melody of Incubus, kicks in the dance appeal of Michael Jackson, and adds in the soul of James Brown. Simply defined Midnight Mosaic plays Rock 'n' Soul; indeed, our music is guaranteed to give its listeners aural satisfaction.

A.t. Hunte the Godson of Rock 'n' Soul tears up the lead vocals
Harrisyn Hartt melodically rocks the keys
Trent Carter energizes with guitars and backing vocals
Gil T. Brown drives the rhythm with the bass
Animal Jones (AJ) spices up the night with drums
Be Reddy croons with guitars and backing vocals
Midnight Mosaic has been hitting the music scene since early 2011 and over the course of that time has played over 50 shows, released our first single, EP, and live recordings. Have traveled and played in venues across New Jersey, New
York, Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Virginia.

We are Midnight Mosaic and we are NJ's next giant!

I Am The Third

Alec Stephens III is what a cross between Bob Marley, Cat Stevens, and Marvin Gaye might sound like. Brooklyn Alternative Rock with a throwback to Motown, backwoods soul, roots and jazz. He would describe his genre as "Dream Rock", music to vibe to while pursuing your dreams. His self titled debut EP, "I AM THE THIRD," is set for release in 2011.

Single Red Cent

A trio of native New Yorkers these three lads from Manhattan and Queens congregated in (where else?) Brooklyn in the fall of 2010. The songs came quickly and they had enough of a set to start playing out in December of that year.

In May and November of 2011 they recorded a 7 song demo in two stages at a friend's studio in Greenpoint in May and November of 2011.

On the heels of that demo they played live consistently throughout Brooklyn and Manhattan (Trash Bar became a second home to them, hosting them 5 times!) ultimately garnering enough attention to have the Village Voice proclaim:

"What NYC's Single Red Cent bring to bear is a raucously unkempt garage punk. The mealy chicken-wire guitars, the messily dissatisfied lead vocals, the sense that this trio had to cut their demo in a condemned tenement seconds before a wrecking ball came crashing through: It's all there. The songs on the group's demo bear names like 'Scared,' 'Dilettante,' and 'Get Out' and give the listener a pretty good feel for where these guys' heads are at. It's the stuff of promise, of potential, or at least the potential to blow away one's demos in a live setting."

Sylvana & The Moment

Sylvana Joyce and her band, the Moment, were founded in the summer of 2010 when Sylvana put out a craigslist ad looking for musicians to bring life to her music. But don't let their status of ingenue fool you: Six months after the band's inception, they had already received recognition from the industry, with a full week feature by MTV and Ourstage as a "Needle in the Haystack" Artist. Sylvana's band has already graced the stage over 70 times, including festivals, showcases and live performances in NYC, New Jersey and Boston. They have also garnered a following through their musical features at The Inspired Word, a spoken word series which have featured a slew of industry talent including Golden Globe Award winners, Grammy nominated singers, American Idol finalists, and HBO Def Poetry stars. They've been nominated for "Best Band" and "Outstanding Music Video" at the 2010-2011 Hoboken Music Awards and are the WINNERS of the 2012 No Contracts Needed Battle of The Bands competition hosted by UnRegular Radio, a popular online indie station based in Boston, MA. Sylvana, a classically trained pianist and professional actress, leads a showstopping performance with her powerhouse voice and natural star quality. Sylvana Joyce and The Moment's music is the perfect mix of gypsy rock, blues and cabaret that has drawn comparisons to Grace Potter & The Nocturnals, Gogol Bordello and The Dresden Dolls.

They will be playing Santos Party House in NYC on December 5; A Toys for Tots benefit in NJ on December 8th, and Gulu-Gulu cafe in Salem for their MA album release on December 15th.

For more information, free downloads, and updates, visit www.reverbnation.com/sylvanajoyceandthemoment


AmeriGo-Go began playing together when their drummer Teddy discovered the process of resurrection while experimenting on Dodo eggs. Sean, while busy selling mad-space to myspace, called up his childhood friend to discover that he had mathematically proved the existence of AmeriGod-God on a roll of toilet paper. To Sean’s surprise, he had accidentally written ten numbers at the end of his theorum, which was the cell phone number Matt “The Professor” Robbins. Frantically grabbing the nearest megaphone, Sean shouted into the cell-walls of his apartment to reach Matt.

Matt picked up the call on his AmeriCell-Cell and transposed it into 19 tone music which he then taught to a colony of termintes who were living in his Breuklen apartment. The termintes chewed lyrics to the first song “Let Love Lead the Way” into the wood siding of his flat, causing it to collapse under the heavy message that had consumed its very foundations.

Nathan was busy in the nursing home singing all five verses of Cole Porter’s “You’re the Top” when he heard the apartment collapse and jumped into the nearest taxi cab, which was driven by a certain Mr. Andrew “The Russian” Prudnikov. Fate had dealt the cards all kings with no hearts, for the suicide jacks had stolen the crown.

The quintet took the field and has been jamming up the airways with tunes like “Let Love Lead the Way” “Brooklyn Girl” and “If you’re still reading this, we love you.”

Modiri is an Indie Rock/Psych Pop band that was founded in Brooklyn, NY when guitarist/songwriter Ramsey Modiri, Sound Manipulator/sax player Martin Seiler and bassist Dan Makowski moved to the McKibbin lofts. Ramsey had some old songs that he wrote and decided to jam on them with his friends. The rest is history...

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