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NC Local Music

NC Local Music is a promotions agency based in Raleigh NC. We are dedicated to spreading the love of North Carolina's local musical talent. NC Local Music strives to encourage the up-coming artists to move to the next level, working with venues and other promotion companies to help new artists get their foot in the door, and give an added push to unknown artists to get their name out in the public eye. NC Local Music wants to see the artists succeed, and the fans of music all across the state to come together for a common cause. From charities, to just plain great shows we want to see everyone have a good time. NC Local Music says "The ones who run the world, are the ones who show up!" See you at the next show, and rock on!

"All your leaders fail to lead you when your lovers fail to love" -- says Hierosonic on their latest album, with no shortage of thought-provoking messages, dirty bass lines, and pop hooks. Originally conceived in 2002 out of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, the band's steady career has spanned more than 9 years and several hundred performances, solidifying the band as a staple within the realm of underground rock music.

For fans of: Nine Inch Nails, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Muse

The Resonance Cascade

The Resonance Cascade is about hitting you with a sound you weren't expecting. Our four piece setup will take you on a ride of acoustic and rhythmic guitar flurries peppered with fiery solos and popping beats. Our hearts come out in our music and we will change your life with it.

For fans of: Kings Of Leon, Sublime, The Doors

Russ Thompson (CD Release Party!)

Russ Thompson is a solo artist from Raleigh,NC. Russ' sound is comparable to folk/rock. His raspy, soul driven, voice carries with it a strong blues feel; and the passion with which he plays provides all who listen with a vividly painted picture of the emotion that goes along with the lyrics. A true songwriter at heart, he depicts the stories of his life through his music. Always changing, always growing, always enjoyable. Keep up to date with new music using Reverbnation, Facebook, and Myspace.

Fields Of Mars

Bio If every musician is searching for that elusive sound that they hear in their heads then that would make Erich (Three Days In Vegas, Psycho Sonic Cindi) no different than the rest. He has said that it is like “musical sounds capes bouncing around like bells reverberating off the walls of some cathedral”. This was the genesis of The Fields of Mars. Erich set about bringing together old band mate Brandon Lewis (Permanent Darling, Honey Driver) on guitar and Synth and Mary Anne Barckoff (Viva La Venus) on Bass. For two months or so they crafted songs that would eventually evoke the darker side of the 80’s a sugary mixture of indie, pop, post rock. They eventually brought in filmmaker and musician in his own right Ismail Abdelkhalek on drums.

For fans of: Pink Floyd, New Order, Radiohead

Black Heart Kings

Black Heart Kings displays their passion for songwriting and improvisation across a soundscape of progressive rock, funk, and electrified glimpses of bluegrass and classical. The band embraces music as a universal language communicating emotions and positive energy. Dave Matthews Band, Rush, and the Allman Brothers Band influence Black Heart Kings’ approach to music. Black Heart Kings’ hunger to succeed and love of music is bringing the world a new musical language.

For fans of: Dave Matthews Band, RUSH, Pat Metheny

$8 online / $10 at the door


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