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Total Control

Punk is now more than 30 years old, and while that might not be old enough to qualify for the pension, those who were around to see the scene ignite in the '70s are certainly getting close. Yet, as a general rule, it still plays as music for the young. The genre hasn't necessarily aged with its instigators.

This is where Melbourne's Total Control come in. While they may not be of (pension) card-carrying age, they project visions of those who are. The man who begrudgingly accepts his gold watch as he reaches retirement. The woman whose prescribed pills only offset the effects of the other drugs she's been ordered to ingest.

Total Control channel the dread of aging. Their synths attack our insecurities about our future. Their vocals batter our hopes of a peaceful existence beyond the working life. It's all rather grim. And it should be.

The combination of all their previous work and a steady live band has come together to form the great Henge Beat LP. These guys have outdone themselves with this one. Musically it rests somewhere between late 70's UK new wave a-la Ha Ha Ha era ULTRAVOX and the "now sound" EDDY CURRENT SUPPRESSION RING Aussie garage that we all know and love. Add a dash of hopeful Krautrock flavor and the recipe is a smashing success. We could not be happier to offer this perfect execution to you.

The UV Race

Australia's most genius avant-tards The UV Race drag melodious pop songs through a devolved, malodorous glam-punk aesthetic, exploring the possibilities of the first wave of punk, and gutter-glitter psych stomp, like if Vom tried to write their own Forever Changes; like if the Electric Eels backed up Bolan or if The Fall put out a record on Crass Records. There are tuneful lamentations of heartbreak and loss alongside very debased, toilet-humor punk licks; Lovecraftian psych-cult morbidity at one moment and rousing anti-anthems against self denial the next.

It has been an especially productive couple of years for a band that have a relentless recording and touring schedule— in the last twelve months they have launched their first feature-length film, Autonomy and Deliberation, and the soundtrack LP recorded for the film comes alongside their third full length LP titled Racism and a succession of singles. All this, plus the output of the numerous other Melbourne bands in which members of UV Race play—Asps, Dick Diver, East Link, Guy & Marcus Blackman Experimentation, Lower Plenty, School of Radiant Living, Soma Coma, Straightjacket Nation and Total Control—reveal a relentless commitment for the sake of the song.

Watery Love

“On one of my Yards Brawler runs down to the city of brotherly love, I caught a live set by the unit and drunkenly declared them the ultimate party band for the true blue anti-social misfit. Their latest 7” on the Siltbreeze label (Die With Dignity b/w Leave Me Alone) brings the roar they produce from the tiny stage right down onto the shiny vinyl. It shows the band not only hitting their stride in bad vibes but showcases their unique understanding of the monotonous riffage that links Breakdown, The Brainbombs, Raven, and Sweet Sister Ray.” -Rettsounds/Vice

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