Son Volt

SON VOLT * HONKY TONK * (Rounder, March 13, 2013)

"Break up the silence
Make it clear
Make it last…" – "Down the Highway"

From his earliest recordings in the 1990s as a founding member of Uncle Tupelo, Jay Farrar has been a keen observer of the American landscape: its beauties and its tragedies, salvations and poisons.
It's a perspective that's been hard-won by steady touring and travel through this nation, and Farrar's almost two-decades as the leader of Son Volt (as well as impressive turns as an acclaimed solo artist and collaborator) have only deepened and sharpened his gift for capturing the sights and sounds of his American journey – a gift which is in evidence once again on Son Volt's sixth studio album: Honky Tonk.
After all, few places are as quintessentially American as the honky tonks where neon beckons to lonely and discontented souls with the promise that sorrows can be drowned in whiskey, cigarettes and a timeless music in which the clear hard truths of its lyrics mine the emotional complexities of life and love as fiddle and pedal steel sweetly commiserate.
"Honky tonk music is about heartache, heartbreak, the road," Farrar observes.

Colonel Ford

The band is made up of a host of local legends, including front men Gary Hunt (Guitar/Vocals) and Dade Farrar (Upright Base/Vocals), both formerly of the country swing/honky-tonk act The Rockhouse Ramblers. Former Rambler and current Bottle Rockets guitarist John Horton is also a core member of what seems to be shaping up as a rotating/all-star jam format. Oh, and Dade's little brother Jay (whom you may know from his work with Uncle Tupelo, Son Volt, and ...because he's Jay Farrar) has been playing pedal steel guitar, leaving the vocals and witty stage banter to his more loquacious sibling. Former Uncle Tupelo drummer Mike Heidorn is also listed among the "Col. Reserves". The Riverfront Times described their sound as "classic country, bluegrass and western swing" and provided a recent set list it described as "Buck Owens heavy" which included the following:



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