Josiah Lemming

Josiah Lemming

You’d be hard pressed to find a kid in the world that could tell you the stories Josiah Leming could tell you. Stories of growing up in the hard-luck rural town of Morristown, Tennessee, of leaving that town at the age of 17 to pursue an unlikely music career. Stories of finding his way onto national television only to be cut down, and being lifted back up by a legion of newfound fans and eventual...See More
Josiah Leming is a 22 year old American-born Singer/Songwriter and global recording artist.

Griffen Alexander

After being signed to a record label and turning down several others, Griffen Alexander decided to leave the record label system in favor of being an independent artist, running both the art and business himself. In less than 40 days, he successfully raised $10,000 from fans all over the world to help fund the recording of his debut independent release, The Sound & The Sea.

The record has immediately exceeded expectations, receiving positive reviews from the likes of CMT and Vintage Guitar Magazine with the entire album being licensed by MTV and E! for placement in their television programming. Griffen’s music has already landed placements on MTV, being featured 3 out of 4 weeks in its network debut. Earning a reputation for being one of the hardest working artists in the industry, the 24 year old is currently headlining college and club tours regularly and is writing and recording material for his follow up album. Visit for the latest news, upcoming tour dates, new music and new videos.



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