Raw Power


Since 2004, WARTORN has assaulted humans live across thirteen countries in North America and Europe and released an arsenal of recordings on Profane Existence, Crimes Against Humanity and more before hooking up with Southern Lord, who released the band’s brutal Iconic Nightmare in January. Keeping up their raging tradition of pissed-off socio-political crustpunk/hardcore in the realm of Victims, Disfear, Words That Burn and labelmates Wolfbrigade and From Ashes Rise, Iconic Nightmare brandishes WARTORN’s most powerful warcries and energetic attacks to date.

I Attack

I ATTACK started back in 2001 when Danny and Raul were just doing their usual weekly two man jam sessions. Danny being in handful of kickass speed metal bands (Maldicion, Severed, & Malas) never really found time or took playing punk too seriously. Around the same time Jose Crudo(Los Crudos) and Juan were playing together in jazz improve group called "Sonido Inkquito". Eventually that gave out and they started jammin together with Danny and Raul. So now practices start getting intense, music and songs are coming together, empty beer cans start piling up........ now it's time to find a vocalist. Benny Hernadez (Los Jodidos, No Slogan) gives it a go for a few practices. Covering bands like Reagan Youth, Batallion of Saints, Suicidal Tendencies, & Negative Approach and few originals in the works. Benny decided to step down from vocal duties and thought it would be a good idea to introduce Rob V. to the guys. Rob V. fit in nice with his sk8punk attitude and city roots ideals. The band eventually became known as I ATTACK and started playing around the city of Chicago, building up a following and working within the Latino Pilsen Punk scene. We as a individuals have put a lot of heart, time and energy into this band. Dedication, commitment, & perseverence are the ideals in which we ground ourselves. Our philosophy as a band IS NOT politically motivated. It is simply to live, fight, thrive & survive. We do not have a political agenda, more or less ideas and observations of life's struggles and triumphs that we all must endure. If your band decides to come out to Chicago look us up. Always down to hook a "brotha" /"sista"up.........as long as you bring the beer,haha!

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