Those Crosstown Rivals, 500 Miles to Memphis

Those Crosstown Rivals

Those Crosstown Rivals are a feel good rock and roll band, striving to make music for the sake of the song. Their sounds are southern influenced rock and roll with country and punk rock roots packed full of drive and conviction. Its music that makes you wanna dance, sing along, throw your beer in the air, and have a good time.

500 Miles to Memphis

The FrontRoom will jam when International Superheroes from Cincy -- 500 MILES TO MEMPHIS -- return to Buster's with local badasses SONICE DeVILLE! Just $5 and All Ages.


So here's the story. The Wikipeidia version. I can live with this version, I guess...
The Infected were formed by Nathan Waters, Robert Gunning and Brandon Faukner in 1993. This was the lineup for the limited release of "All the Shit You Hate", recorded in 1994 and 1995.
"Buff" Mike Nagiec joined to play bass in 1995, and Sean Degan joined as second guitarist later on. Faukner left in late 1996, citing creative differences, and Degan was pressed into drumming. This lineup released the band's first full-length studio LP, "New Defiance" and the notable 'Alano' show, bootlegs of which are one of the only known live recordings of this version of the band. This lineup was stable through the end of 1996 and is considered to be the first lineup by most fans.
Kevin Davis, former member of several local punk bands, notably 'Blatherskyte' with Nathan Waters, replaced Degan on drums in 1996. A few weeks later, Andrew "Andy-Boy" Hibpshman joined as second guitarist, but moved to bass when Naigec decided to quit the band. This lineup lasted a year.
Gunning left the band in 1997, and the band was searching for a replacement guitarist for some time. Many guitarists were auditioned but none were recalled. Mark Borders, originally a member of the seminal Berea, Kentucky hardcore punk band Deep 13 eventually joined to play guitar, and the most stable lineup of the band, lasting from 1997 to 2000, was complete. The cassette EP "Progress in the Downtime", the full-length album "Tolerance for Failure", the "Floormodeled" EP, a split 7" record with local band Redheaded Stepchildren and the second installment of "All the Shit You Hate" were all produced during this time, along with the band's first cross-country tours and many regional performances.
Kevin Davis was fired, after an intervention because of his extensive drug abuse, in 2000 and was replaced by a rotating door's worth of other drummers. Edgar Purdom was the longest-lasting of these, filling the role for a little under a year. He left, however, to join friends The Brassknuckle Boys. Rocky Borders, of Redheaded Stepchildren and Mark's brother, eventually joined as drummer. This was the longest-lasting lineup for the Infected, producing the unreleased studio album "All-Time Low" and the "I5" single, as the band disbanded in 2003.
In September, 2006, the Infected played a reunion concert in order to promote the CD "Tales of the Tortured Mind", a retrospective of material from 1996-2003. This release was pressed specifically to fund the release of "All Time Low," which has been in hiatus due to lack of funding for three years. A second show was played on September 30, 2006, also to fund the release of "All Time Low". The first show featured the drummer from the Lexington-based rock and roll band HEARTTHROB, while the second has Rocky Borders returning to the lineup.
Rocky Borders played his last show with the band on June 16, 2007, with Edgar Purdom rejoining the band a little more than a month later. The Infected recorded a three song demo directly after Purdom joined the band. However, this line up only lasted for 4 months, with the group deciding to let him go. In 2007, Kelly Patrick Cammack was hired to play drums.
In May of 2008 Infected parted ways once again, only for Nate to re group with an all new line up in July 2008. A clean and sober Kevin returned to play drums, along with original guitarist Robert Gunning and long time friend of the band, Mike "Beans" McArter on bass. Gunning, going through a divorce, withdrew from the band again in September 2008, being replaced by a newly sober, Kris Anglin, former guitarist for Malign (Infected's brother group in the "All Time Low" era). Also placed on lead guitar in September 2008, Jackson Hogg, former guitarist of thrash metal outfit Nirvine, and bassist of The Yes People.
Infected are currently writing a new full length and ep, as well as revamping old material and new cover songs for live material.



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