PYYRAMIDS (feat. Tim Nordwind of OK Go), Lavender Diamond, Missing Teen

From the mystical, unGoogleable beyond comes PYYRAMIDS, a new collaboration by OK Go's Tim Nordwind and singer Drea Smith. Living in the dark, atmospheric grotto midway between the dance floor and the mopey teenage bedroom of the mind, PYYRAMIDS' six-song debut will be available on October 31st from Paracadute, the full-service 21st century record label OK Go founded on their 2010 parting from Capitol. Befitting the band's cross of banging beats with underground pop, PYYRAMIDS arrives on that most idiosyncratic of formats, 10-inch vinyl.

PYYRAMIDS comes as a reinvention for both players and steps into new, wild territory. For Nordwind, the guy with the bass, beard, and glasses in OK Go, PYYRAMIDS' expansive textures find him far from the bright indie pop and all-inclusive videos that have made OK Go one of the most recognizable - not to mention most-watched - acts of the digital age. (Though that doesn't mean PYYRAMIDS won't try their hand at videos.) For Smith, formerly the saucy half of the electro-pop duo He Say She Say - and a stint with Lupe Fiasco - it brings her songwriting into a place of bold new maturity without sacrificing the force of her singular presence. For both, it is an unlikely partnership entirely befitting of the new age.

Connected by a mutual friend in Chicago two years ago, the pair struck up an email correspondence that, by the magic of the internet, soon transformed into a small torrent of music. Bonding first over dark British pop from the early '80s like The Smiths and Joy Division, and stranger more modern fare like Micachu and the Shapes, Nordwind and Smith were natural collaborators. An inveterate home recorder with piles of songs, beats, and sketches leftover from OK Go writing work, his People project, and a fairly unceasing productivity, Nordwind first passed along beats that Smith layered vocals over in GarageBand. Only meeting in person for the first time months later, the cyber collaboration transformed when Smith visited Nordwind in Los Angeles, where they polished off a half-dozen tracks working face-to-face, and where Smith was soon to relocate to work on PYYRAMIDS and other projects.

In addition to the four-song vinyl, Human Beings comes in digital form, too, featuring a remix of "Human Beings" by Nordwind's OK Go bandmate Dan Konopka (as DMK.) Between the alt-rock tensions of "That Ain't Right" and heavy riffage and cooing chorus of "Animal," PYYRAMIDS' beyond is an inviting one indeed, a long-promised map back to the buried valley of the dance-rock hook.

Lavender Diamond

Inspired by a character in a mysterious traveling operetta, Lavender Diamond is a band that transcends genre, enchanting fans with the pure celestial beauty of the human voice. It is music for your little sister looking for a post-Glee pop hero to sing along with in the car. It is for a psychedelic music head looking to transcend, a pop critic wanting for something to deconstruct, or any listener looking for someplace to go. It is music that is purposeful and needed, a work of bold and uncompromising creativity that cuts through the hyper-saturated mumbo jumbo and bad vibes of modern life, straight and true as an arrow mounted on a lightbeam.

Lavender Diamond are back with their second full length LP, Incorruptible Heart, on OK Go’s newly minted Paracadute record label. Produced by Damian Kulash and mixed by longtime Flaming Lips collaborator Dave Fridmann, Lavender Diamond's Incorruptible Heart is an instruction manual for your heart, ready to get it pumping with joy, ache, and song. Given leader Becky Stark's open-hearted forays into acting, art, design, writing, comedy, dance, semiotics, and women's choirs, it is surely not only music. But, Incorruptible Heart is also very, very much an album, and a special, ambitious one at that.

Incorruptible Heart available on vinyl, CD & download September 25, 2012.

Missing Teen

Future Ghost is a Los Angeles based band that formed in early 2008. From the first jam session in a Silverlake apartment, they knew this was the beginning of a long lasting and incredibly loud relationship.
Future Ghost songs pulse with emotion and rigorous tension. Lead singer, Brandon Tomas' often harsh delivery are completed with bassist, Kim Hellweg's ghostly harmonies. With swirling guitar riffs, growling bass, and a pulverizing drum cadence from Brandon Hardy, their sound is loud and gritty, while maintaining a certain hypnotic quality.
Future Ghost has shared the stage with many established Los Angeles bands like Dead Sara, Pyyramids, White Arrows, NO, Youngblood Hawke, Vanaprasta, and after bombastic performances at the 2011 Silverlake Jubilee Festival and the 2012 Echo Park Rising Festival, Future Ghost are on their way to conquering the LA music scene and beyond.
After three years of honing their style, gigging, writing and recording, Future Ghost will unveil their first full-length album "Missing Teen," produced by Pete Lyman (No Age, Abe Vigoda, Waaves) at Infrasonic Sound in Los Angeles.
The record will take you back to what you miss most about the 90s and punk rock. Fans have compared the band to The Pixies, Pavement, Fugazi and even Nirvana. The record is filled with unforgettable melodies stemming from the heart-on-your-sleeve vocals and hooky, thrashing guitar lines that are all embraced by its heavy rhythms and punchy bass lines.

The projected release date for the album is Fall 2012.

$10.00 - $12.00


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