Rock n Roll Johnny

Rock n Roll Johnny

When Rock'n'Roll Johnny was a baby, his mom would put a transistor radio in his crib to keep him company while she did chores in the house. Fortunately, the radio was tuned to WINS, which was the premier rock'n'roll radio station in New York City at the time. Who knows how things would have turned out had that radio been tuned to a station with a different format. Little Rock'n'Roll Johnny spent many days trying to figure out how the disc jockeys and the singers of the pop hits all fit inside that tiny transistor radio.

By the time Johnny graduated from engineering school, he had listened to hours and hours of Beatles, Chuck Berry, Jerry Lee Lewis, Little Richard, Phil Spector, Bob Dylan and Motown music. He had learned to play piano, guitar, drums and bass. He had written and recorded songs with his high school friend, Claude Alpert. And he learned how all of those people fit inside the tiny radios.

Rock'n'Roll Johnny is now back to writing, recording and playing music in clubs with his friends, Sid Moskowitz and Charles Sub. It keeps him happy and out of trouble.

Greencard Wedding

Greencard Wedding (Jody Christopherson and Ryan McCurdy) is an American&Irish indie-folk-rock duo that originated in Crown Heights Brooklyn and continues to work cross continent.

Their music is a theatrical combination of intense acoustic guitar and vocal harmonies, initially written late at night in their Crown Heights Brooklyn living room on a red velvet couch fueled by diet coke and Whiskey. Since Dec. 2012 the band has been separated by visa regulations but has continued to make music over Skype, whatsapp, email and occasionally in person. Greencard Wedding's LP's Three Hours in May (recorded in 3 Hours May 2013) can be purchased on bandcamp and their LP Forced Co-Habitation can be found on Itunes.

Jody and Ryan are both actors as well as musicians. Currently, Greencard Wedding is touring 2014 productions of their transmedia musical The Skype Show or See You in August which premiered in FringeNYC, August 2013. Their LP with songs from the Skype Show will be released in summer of 2014.

Recent concert venues include: DROM, Choga, Fat Baby NYC, Ella Lounge, INTAR Roots and New Music Festival, Dixon Place, The LES Music Festival, The Parkside Lounge, Bowery Poetry Club, The Back Porch, Romeo and Juilet Drink the Young Wine, the campaign rap "If We All Love America" for the Eisenhower Presidential Library and "Daisy in the Sun" and for the film "LIKE THIS" winner of the 2012 Eqxusite Corpse Film Festival in NYC.

Many Greencard Wedding shows include a homemade set list t-shirt worn by one lucky audience member, bubbles, bouqet tossing and cake baked by the band. ​Whiskey infused Irish wedding cake is their favorite.

Follow the band on Twitter @GreencardWeddin

Eitan Akman

Eitan Akman is an emerging songwriter and performer in NYC. Having spent all his time since childhood curiously exploring the world of popular music, Eitan draws from a diverse pool of influences in Pop, Jazz, Soul, and Country. After completing a degree in Guitar Performance at Berklee College of Music in May 2012 Eitan moved to New York and is now pursuing his original music.

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