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“Many years later”, the tenor saxophonist Brandford Marsalis recalled, “a lot of younger musicians were hanging around with Elvin Jones, and they were talking about, ‘Man, you know, you guys had an intensity when you were playing with Coltrane. I mean, what was it like? How do you play with that kind of intensity?’ And Elvin Jones looks at them and says, ‘You gotta be willing to die with the motherfucker.’ They started laughing like kids do, waiting for the punchline, and then they realised he was serious. How many people do you know that are willing to die—period? Die with anybody! And when you listen to those records, that’s exactly what they sound like. I mean that they would die for each other.”

The Daily Pravda

"Pop bands that think they can just add a little synth and dabble in new haircuts are not the future of modern indie music, and they should all look on in awe when The Daily Pravda play a show. The Pravda do everything right – stacking synthesizer and guitar sounds over each other to create haunting masterpieces that are as intelligent as they are sexy. If someone had filmed Bowie and Iggy while they were shooting heroin in Berlin hotel suites, the Daily Pravda would be the soundtrack."


Satellites Fall

Satellites Fall is a Massachusetts based band eloquently combining elements of Indie Rock, Brit Rock, and Alternative. With influences that include such artists as Radiohead, U2, Arcade Fire, The Killers, Oasis, Muse, Silversun Pickups, and others, Satellites Fall has crafted a creative blend of beautiful melody, thoughtful lyrics, and harmonious song structure. As they continue to gain notoriety, Satellites Fall is an act that compels one to take notice. Strong stage performances coalesced with a charismatic front man engenders an intoxicating energy into every venue they perform.

Currently recording tracks for the upcoming and long-awaited "Faith Without You" release, Satellites Fall remain a focused, determined, and a perpetually unyielding force.



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