Rustic Overtones

With a definitive sound that combines elements of radio rock and funk, Rustic Overtones are one of the most powerful live bands that you will see, ever. Dave Gutter's mind works in mysterious ways, and the resultant sound and fury set the Rustic Overtones apart. Having survived one of the most contentious record label battles in the history of recorded music, the band has risen like a phoenix from the ashes of the music industry wasteland to recapture the energy and enthusiasm that heralded their arrival on the music scene over a decade ago. Now with this renewed fire, they are taking to the road from their Portland, ME homes and will not rest until everyone in the world understands the power of the Overtones, Rustic.

Herban Warfare

Herban Warfare consists of 6 musicians bringing together a variety of unique styles, and the result is a sound people find hard to categorize. We've often been likened to a cross between 311, Atmosphere, and Gorillaz, but you've really never heard anything like this before.



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The Cavern Club At The Hard Rock Café Boston

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