.MOD SUN released his first CD (a full-length) titled, "I'll Buy Myself", on January 31st 2009. It featured 11 songs, all of which were original beats made by MOD SUN himself. The songs were written and recorded over a 8 month span from May to December 2008. Every song was recorded in his bedroom and produced by him and only him. He did it all by himself…hence the name of the record.

MOD SUN recently released his second free mix tape "How To Make A MOD SUN". It includes 17 new original songs and remixes. H2MAMS paints the picture of his thoughts about growing up and teaches you the steps it took to get to where he currently stands today. Very well-written with get wordplay and punchlines, but doesn't rely on either of those to get his point across. "I care about the first 3 letters of the word 'artist'. I take my word very seriously."

Cisco Adler

Cisco Adler is a Singer/Songwriter/Producer from Malibu, California known for bringing back the "California Sound.". He is one half of the alternative hip hop group Shwayze. The duo have released two records that have reached Number #1 on the US Itunes charts and their self-titled first album debuted at #10 on the US Billboard Charts and gave us the hit singles Buzzin' and Corona and Lime. Their most recent album LET IT BEAT is in stores now and has spawned the ubiquitous club hit GET U HOME.

Cisco has also co-written and produced songs for Mickey Avalon , Dirt Nasty, Andre Legacy, Cold Flamez, Tabi bonney, The Knux, Lil Jon, G. Love, Roxy Cottontail, Unwritten Law, Big B, and more. He has had songs in The Hangover, Tropic Thunder, Sorority Row, Final Destination, Gossip Girl, The Hills, and is currently music supervising and composing the entire score and soundtrack for a new film called Mothers Little Helper starring James Belushi. He is managed by industry veteran Jordan Schur and Suretone Management whos only other acts are Limp Bizkit and The Cure. He is also an avid cartoonist and painter and overall Bon Vivant. Cisco recently started Bananabeat Records and signed his first artitst Chris Young the Rapper. Chris has release two critically acclaimed mixtapes The Moodswing EP and 619. Look out for Chris' debut album in late 2010.*

Eighteen-year-old Philly rapper Tayyib Ali made a name for himself last fall with his mixtape 18 and this month he's set to drop his new one, Keystone State of Mind. Maybe it's the catchy '60s lounge sample, maybe it's Ali's smooth, friendly flow and honest message, but I can't stop listening to the title track. "Rap is my life," he says at the end of the track. "This is what I'm passionate as hell about." You can tell." -EC, NYLON MAGAZINE

Pat Brown

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