Control For Smilers (A Phish Tribute)

Control For Smilers (A Phish Tribute)

Control for Smilers is Philly’s premier Phish tribute band, serving up an eclectic mix of driving rock and funk grooves to audiences in the tri-state area. Matt Agostini (Bass/Vocals) and Matt Elberson (Percussion/Vocals) lay down dance-friendly, funk-heavy grooves as Henry McGuigan (Guitars/Vocals) prays at the altar of Trey Anastasio’s signature guitar tone, all the while bringing his own hard rock edge to each jam. Brad Lukach (Keyboards/Vocals) seasons each tune by channeling his own interpretation of Page McConnell’s famous sounds and techniques. When the lights go down and the first note is struck, Control for Smilers fills dance floors with Phish fans and non-Phish fans alike.


In a world of conventional music, BAM has found an unconventional approach to fitting in. This Philadelphia collaboration exemplifies years of chemistry, providing a breath of fresh air to the music listener searching for artistry in music making.

Their natural talents allow for a colorful canvas of sound exploration; from funky grooves to light jazz to driving drum and bass. Their goal is not to pinpoint a genre, its to display advanced musicality, highlighting the array of possibilities that exist.

BAM approaches song writing with sophistication and technicality, challenging themselves to find simplicity in their methodology. The result is a collection of sounds captivating for the mind and pleasing to the ear.

BAM is also in the process of writing music that will be used by Network TV stations for national programming. Don't be surprised if you hear their work on a Sci-Fi program in the near future. BAM is currently working hard on their catalogue and will be touring in the near future. Keep an eye out.

Burn Switch

Philadelphia based jam band blending elements of funk, rock, jazz and electronica. Their high energy live performances and turn on a dime musicianship are sure to keep the crowd up and movin from intro to encore. The waves they are making are starting to swell. Feel the colors, taste the groove and get down with Burn Switch! Also if the link could go to our web page instead of reverb.

DJ BohFunk

Baltimore based DJ Bohfunk brings a unique and funky all vinyl mix to each show. His musical direction and style focus directly on Funk and Soul from the early 1970s to present. His talent and taste for funky dancefloor cuts have developed into a contagious ass shakin' and foot stompin' party at each showing around the Baltimore, Philly and DC

So lace up your dancing shoes and get ready for a heaping dose of FUNK!

$8 - $10


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