Proximity & Nieve w/ Abstract Collective, Glitta Kings, and Flowalition


Proximity, the hip-hop conglomerate from Denver Colorado is a group driven from life experiences and a strong passion for music. This Colorado based collaborative movement consists of two innovative MC’s and a classic hip-hop DJ. Provoke and Grafik craft positive yet conscious lyrics that everyone can relate with while J Steele applies the backbone to their live performance implemented with classic vinyl samples, and the cuts with hand speed that wink to the old school era.

In 2003 Provoke and Grafik pulled their talents together to create “Proximity Minds” an 18 track self-titled album that sold over 500 copies locally in its 2005 release. It wasn’t long before this trio was added as main support for national acts such as Jurassic 5, Swollen Members, and Nas. In 2006 Proximity took their show on the road performing throughout Colorado and the Midwest region. After creating a buzz on tour Proximity moved forward with their sophomore album “When Push Comes to Shove” in 2007.

Shortly after the group took a hiatus from the road and studio to restructure their personal lives and focus on the future planning of the next album. This ground-breaking project declared the arrival of a significant new force in Colorado hip-hop. In March of 2014 Lead by Example took their loyal fans by storm and raised flags from national media outlets such as Bursting out of their scene Proximity signed the dotted line and joined forces with Universal Language. An independent record label with similar sounding artists such as world renowned Windchill and Nieve. This was a perfect fit and a building block for the group’s future success.

A few months later under the new regime of Universal Language, Proximity released “The Shock Therapy EP.” Electronically infused beats with a classic hard core hip-hop vibe, this masterpiece caught the attention of a whole new group of listeners and broke them onto the world wide scale. With all these exceptional accolades, Proximity has not only risen to the top of Colorado hip-hop, but has cemented themselves a place at the very forefront of the music industry.

Classic, Jazz inspired HipHop, Los Angeles based emcee Nieve has a lyrical style that is smooth, poetic, and captivating, which combines to create an authentic, soulful sound.

Nieve has been rapping and making music since he was kid, perfecting his skills in numerous hiphop shows, rap battles, and open mics across LA. His rhymes are inspired by artists such as Nas, Mos Def, Gangstar and Wu-tang as well as from Jazz artists, like John Coltrane and Miles Davis.

His first album "Away with Words.' (produced by cook classics) gained the attention of Tokyo hiphop label "Goontrax" and was released in Japan in 2008. This led to further collaborations with the talented Tokyo production crew "Cradle," which included the music video "Talk it out" featured on the Cradle Orchestra's "Velvet Ballads."

The LA and Tokyo connection continues to flourish between Nieve and Cradle with the release of their new album "Soulbirds" A mix of silky smooth rhymes, colorful vocals (courtesy of singer Jean Curley) and the unmistakable mellow tones and sweet sounding production that Cradle has become known for.

Through it all, Nieve remains a genuine and humble artist, more concerned with making the music he loves, then chasing false aspirations of money and fame. Forever the student, Nieve continues to excel in his craft and enjoys learning and collaborating with fellow artist from all around the globe. With his fresh new sound and classic flow, Nieve is sure to be a welcomed addition to any hiphop fan's music library.

Abstract Collective

Abstract Collective is not your everyday Hip Hop group. Together these five Musicians manage to blend the styles off Jazz, Dance, R&B, and IDM into a fusion that sets them apart from all others. Hailing from Littleton CO, Abstract Collective began in early 2011 and quickly began gaining momentum playing various shows in the Denver area. Over the summer of 2011 the quartet picked up local Vibraphon
e player Cody Schlueter to finish up the lineup.

This unique instrumentation, as well as live show that is know to feature live painting and artwork by local artist Alana Wool as well as live video manipulations and projections by ArtFace Studios allows Abstract Collective to explore various textures, visuals and sounds not often associated with hip hop and put them in a niche all of their own. The past year they have been able to share the stage with artists such as Grouch and Eligh, the ReMINDers, Mane Rok, Binary Star, Charlie 2na and House of Vibe, Proximity, MTHDS, Cunninlynguists, BAMBU, Blackalicious, Sweatshop Union, Leisure Gang, and Wheelchair Sportscamp just to name a few...

Glitta Kings

Funny Biz & TopiQ are Glitta Kings, two incredibly dynamic emcees based in Boulder, Colorado. They craft tuneful hip hop music to be enjoyed by listeners of any age or affiliation, as simultaneously, intend on making booties shake as they are unconcerned with confining genre labels. Raised on rhythm and melody, the two reveal developed understandings of their web of musical influences, and more importantly, how to present them with cohesion. Their debut EP, Got Panache, find the duo exploring jazz, soul, and golden age hip hop soundscapes in a fun loving romp through themes of love, adventure, inspiration, introspect, relationships, and of course, yoga pants and laundry. Not to be pigeonholed, the two showcase instrumental talent on bass, cello, and flute, and fully display their well practiced vocal harmony abilities in such singles as the nostalgic, horn laden "On My Way Out", and the dark, mysterious, and provocative "Bed of Nails", featuring Progress, one of their very talented rapper friends.
As members of established hip hop acts Whiskey Blanket and Audible Audities, Glitta Kings are taking the chance to create new and exciting music apart from there longstanding projects, respectively.
Capitalizing on the increasingly multimedia driven music experience, the twosome is developing an online presence that features a multitude of format types and allows users to access content on the go.
TopiQ, born Quinn Lynch, Heads up production duties for the record, all while being the recording and mixing engineer and shouldering his half of the vocals. Born in Detroit, and raised in Atlanta and a slew of places, Lynch Mixes his smooth, drawled charm of a southern boy with the unique sound only possessed by a Colorado emcee. His early affection for bass, keyboards and vocals spawned a musical mind capable of crafting complex instrumentals from scratch, where most hip hop producers rely largely on pre recorded samples.
Funny Biz, born Jordan Polovina, Brings a highly energetic, spontaneous personality to the pair's music. A Coloradan transplant from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Polovina exhibits the outspoken nature of an east coaster and the unbridaled musical inclination of one who started on cello at age 9. Polovina is a towering figure who can croon and rap with equal facility, only beginning to reveal his beatboxing abilities on cuts like the bubbly "Gimme A Sip".
After more than 6 years working with their full time projects, the 2 jumped at the chance to make a fun filled departure from the norm. " This EP allowed us to make a collection of catchy, melodic 3 minute songs," said Lynch, Explaining that has group Audible Audities' songs often surpass the 5 minute mark. "With So many people, (AA Has for emcees and a dj) You are limited in your ability to complete a thought sometimes," he continued. " This gave us the opportunity to be thorough without being long winded."
For Polovina, The collaboration with TopiQ was a therapeutic change of pace. " Whiskey blanket is more serious and political subject matter wise, whereas Got Panache is basically a sing song party record, but shares its serious tracks as well," Polovina offered," It's been really fun leaving the message heavy thing and just a writing simple, melodic pop hooks," he noted, adding that he believes the twosome created more accessible music to mass audiences than either of their respective groups have to date.
With a plan of action as multifaceted as the musicians themselves, Glitta Kings, Got Panache EP, is poised to end the recession, or at least it'll cheer up the financially unfortunate. Now that's their debut album is released ( download it for free online at, they are delving right into their next project, Boys From Home, which is the duo plus there long time partner in rhyme and music, Progress, and is sure to catch the eye of the public and certain media.


Flowalition has been together since 1996. Marz & Briz met while in High School and have been recording music together ever since. Flowalition has opened for such acts as Nas, Immortal Technique, Gza & R.A. the Rugged Man to name a few. Their sound is very dark with complicated rhymes and song structure. Their debut album "13 Days" was released July 10th 2007. Flowalition has worked with many producers over the years but finally found the production they were looking for from Grafik, from Proximity & JoBu.

Brizill – Rhyming since 8th grade, has opened for Nas, Immortal Technique , GZA, RA the Rugged Man, Flava Flav from Public Enemy, the Pharcyde, and many others. Brizill hit the scene with Flowalition and released the album “13 Days” in 2007.

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