Dakota Black w/ Rubble Road & Rednek Messiah

Dakota Black

Dakota Black is Hard Rock/ Metal Band from New Smyrna Beach Fl. It consists of Neil Keeran, Steve Mannocchi, Shane Scaramellino, and Steve Baggott. All veterans of the Central Florida music scene, and played in area favorites such as Top Dead Center, Tranquilizer, Coletta and Grumpy*. Each member has years of touring, and studio experience, and has shared the stage with many national acts. Dakota Black is their new project which blends modern metal and southern rock, to bring forth the true Florida sound.

Dakota Black is a band that is built on the values of hard work and dedication that are the true roots of America. With this outlook along with the creativity and experience of it’s members, the result created something that has been lost in music. A true American band with an American sound.

In 2010, Guitarist Steve Mannocchi along with Bassist Shane Scaramellino, set out to put together something the captures the essence of what Florida music is. They wanted to pull together their influences of metal, and southern rock to create what they felt a Florida band should sound like. Both hailing from popular Central Florida bands themselves, they went through an endless stream of musicians they knew to find the right fit for what would become Dakota Black. In late 2010, they found Drummer Steve Baggott, a hard hitting groove oriented drummer that would compliment their catchy rhythms, and bring forth a powerful rhythm section that would become the foundation of their song structure.

After penning a few instrumentals, it was time to set forth the search for a singer. After countless auditions, and inquiries from friends and old band mates to be part of this new outfit, the search ended when Neal Keeran took an interest in then unnamed Southern Metal band.

The chemistry was instant with the four members, and the songwriting took a natural flow. By the end of 2011, they recorded their debut CD which will be released in early 2012.

Even before the release of their CD, the songs were posted on numerous music sites such as Reverbnation, Soundclick, Myspace and Purevolume. The tracks received an enormous response that not only catapulted them into the #4 spot on the Daytona Beach Reverbnation Rock Charts, but caught the eye of a dozen different independent labels and promotional companies wanting to be a part of Dakota Black.

With an arsenal of well crafted songs and the collective musicianship of it’s members, Dakota Black is becoming a force to reckon with. Their quest to conquer Florida and everything thereafter has begun.

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