Of Virtue, After Me The Flood, The Engineered, Tried For Treason, Lynch The Tyrant

Of Virtue

Lansing Michigan's OF VIRTUE was formed in early 2009 from ex-members of THE PASSION WITHIN. Bringing a unique mix of technicality and emotion, they seemlessly weave haunting heartfelt melodies and driving progressive hardcore all with the poise and confidence of seasoned veterans while still being young as musicians. Their energetic performances have been winning over fans of all genres and with the release of their 6 song EP titled "To Breathe Again" and full-length album titled "Heartsounds," the sky is the limit for this talented band. Keep an eye on them in 2012!

After Me The Flood

Melodic Hardcore on Famined Records

The Engineered

Tried For Treason

TFT spawned from three different bands in the Southeast Missouri area. Jake Franks (vocals, guitar) played bass and sang vocals in the Metal band Audio Sideshow, Brandon Reeder (bass) currently plays drums for Punk rock outfit Disgruntled Bastards, and Randy Mallett (drums) was the drummer for Grunge rockers Inkognito. Mallett used to manage Reeder's former Death Metal band Butchered, so the two have known each other for several years. In September 2012, Mallett met Franks and the two began to collaborate and put together ideas for a band. Franks had numerous songs already written with no drums or bass, and passed the demo off to Mallett. Mallett liked what he heard so the search began for a bass player. It didn't take long, as Reeder (although a drummer) wanted to play bass in a band and was more than qualified for the role. So the trio began to rehearse at Mallett's house and began piecing together the songs one by one. The band released their debut EP in April, 2013 and is currently doing shows to promote the album.

Lynch The Tyrant

We're a deathcore band from Jerseyville, Illinois. We love playing our music and can't wait to perform it for you. We work hard at writing our music that we hope people will enjoy. We try to incorporate many styles into our music to try and get a new fresh sound. We hope to start performing for you and get our music out to you as soon as possible.

$10.00 - $12.00


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