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Falling Blind

As you approach the stage, all you can hear is a roar in the night as the anticipation grows to an all out frenzy as Falling Blind takes the stage. The rhythmically powerful chord progressions and melodically tight vocals create an aura of flavor, feeling & quality that is unparalleled. You can’t help but sing along and move to the music.

With influences pulling heavily from modern rock and punk rock acts like Incubus & Green Day, Falling Blind creates a diverse and musically balanced sound that fans can appreciate and enjoy. “We’re really excited about this new record”, says vocalist Clayton Marquiss, “we spent a lot of time making sure the follow-up to our Self Titled demo would really shine. We got in the studio and worked with a lot of great people to get a product we all feel very proud of.”

Falling Blind’s Self Titled demo, released in 2008, generated a lot of buzz in the rock community and built a name for the band, being featured on radio stations including KISW in Seattle, KFNK in Tacoma, & KUFO in Portland, it also saw lots of positive reviews from critics. “We recorded the first demo in a small project studio in the span of a month or two, so it was great to get the amount of recognition we got from a demo like that because there really wasn’t a lot time spent on it,” says drummer Joe Koster, “this new album we really went in and made sure the songs were tight in preproduction before getting into the studio, and that was a big step in the right direction for us. We’re very excited to show the fans what we’ve been working on.”

Comets, the new 6-song EP from Falling Blind, was recorded with producer Jon Stevens at Rogue Island Studios & London Bridge Studios in Seattle, Washington over the winter of 2009. “Jon really pushed us to get this record as good as it could possibly be,” says guitarist Mike Davidson, “from preproduction on through he was able to line up a lot of different avenues for us from our tracking engineer Brent DeRocher to our mixing engineer Luc Tellier to the string arrangements from Phillip Taylor. This record got put in the right people’s hands and everyone delivered to create a great overall product.”

The new album is available now from as a digital download, with a CD release date to be announced. “We wanted to give the fans a chance to hear the record and listen to all the songs while we were promoting the release of the CD, so we decided to get the digital version out early to our fans,” says bassist Si Katara, “we hope everyone is as excited as we are about these songs!”

Carson Henley

Seattle singer-songwriter Carson Henley, a classically trained (Suzuki) piano player from age 3, was taught to appreciate timeless music. This excluded commercial radio, since Carson’s mother (a professional singer) and his record-collecting father did not allow the "offensive lyrics" of the day in their home.

So Carson and his sisters grew up listening to the classics, educating themselves on Stevie Wonder, Joe Cocker, Marvin Gaye and many others.

And though Carson’s sound confirms those rich, soulful roots, his gritty vocals and tight, modern production on his new album, 100 Hours, is anything but old school.

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