Ghost Tribe Fires

Ghost Tribe Fires

Ghost Tribe Fires is a Seattle alternative groove-based rock music. When listening to GTF, you feel as if you came across a funky tavern in a desert town, tasting the chill in the air of their intense live performance. GTF is not just a band, it's a tribe. A tribe of the makers of the music and the fans they connect with that keep the tribe alive. Look for them at SXSW and on tour this spring!

Balto - In December 2010, Balto came together for the first time to record an album called October’s Road – a cycle of folk songs that told the story of a young man’s self-imposed Siberian exile. Unforgettable melodies telling stories of endless rail-lines, broken concrete cities, and the lives of two people caught between them. The core of the songs lies in the familiar interplay guitar and vocal, often backed by a number of instruments - mandolin, upright bass, piano, rhodes, drums, banjo, and many others.

The strength of those songs and the musicians playing them was quickly noticed by the online music community and and the New York scene. Just a year and a half later, the band has built a dedicated international following, toured in the US and Canada, been featured by somewhere between 80 and 100 blogs, moved coasts, and recorded Monuments, EP. The EP received rave-reviews, made several blogs’ best of the year lists and landed the band a recent print feature in Alternative Press Magazine.

In Cahoots

Discovering a band that churns out songs so catchy and infectious that the choruses get stuck in your head for days is diamond-rare, and Seattle, Washington’s In Cahoots is exactly that kind of gem of a band. In Cahoots, with their crushing guitar riffs, down-tempo melodies, and soaring, golden vocals, is the real deal. They hit sweet spots with energy to spare, blanket crowds with fuzzy tones, and uplift with expert songwriting that transports those lucky enough to catch them onstage to an exalted place.


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