Bass Drum Of Death

Bass Drum Of Death

Bass Drum of Death is a band from Mississippi. John plays guitar and sings and Colin plays the drums. Together they make blown-out, blazing songs. They are set to release their debut LP GB City on Fat Possum Records. John was Fat Possum's worst employee 3 years ago. He wrote and recorded the whole record himself using just a drumset, a guitar, a usb microphone, a computer, and a shitload of talent. The songs are about drugs, trying to make it with religious girls, panic attacks, stealing stuff, mild to severe depression, Elvis appearing in your dreams and giving you advice, gravity bongs and the devil living inside your brain. This record is the soundtrack playing in your head when you're fucked up and walking home in the middle of the night.

Robert Bryn of Wild Yaks

This is some writing that this girl Maud did about about us on her blog. I don't know this girl, if I did she would ... (more) know how actually messy my apartment is or how truly, beautifully refined my taste in movies is. I'm also using this, as I'm wont to do, without her permission, but mostly because her blog doesn't offer any way of getting in touch with her. Without further ado: Sweaty boys playing sloppy drunk jammy music is the reason why I like dudes, and Wild Yaks do it oh so well. I want to be their friends because I bet they have a really dirty apartment and watch really good movies. I want to listen to their music because it's masculine and not at all pretentious and they're so into it and their glasses slide off their noses and their shorts are too short.

The drummer looks like a beardier Williamsburgier Iggy Pop. They sing songs about girls and love and tomahawks and pearls like the world and beg for a new guitar when they bust their own. They have a saxophone player with really sticky-uppy hair. You could totally kick ass and run around and drive your car to their songs. Their myspace url is "boyhoodforever" which makes me think they may be aware of how dudely they are but it makes me like them more. They also played this slower song that actually DID remind me of Jonathan Richman, specifically the part in "A Plea For Tenderness" that goes "I know how beautiful death is (duh duh duh duh duh)/ I know why you hate life..." and so on. They're kind of like a screamier Modern Lovers. Or maybe they're just what The Modern Lovers would be like if they weren't straight edge. If they were real real real drunk.

Las Rosas

Las Rosas, the roses, began in the back room of the back room in the back of an non-legal living establishment in Long Island City Queens New York. Drummer and erstwhile smoker Christopher (now reformed) declared his idea to start playing the songs that Jose had written in Texas following the liquidation of his previous band, called Harlem. The two spent six late nights in the non-legal studio, consistently lessening the quality of sleep of the young couple upstairs who truly and adorably only wanted the return of their stolen playstation.

It became clear to the pair of men that what they truly needed was a bass player and there was only one player it could be; with their notorious subtlety and care they succeeded to convince Jose Aybar of four Wild Yaks of Brooklyn into a binding co-arrangement with las Rosas and in mere moments the two Joses and the one Christopher were playing semi-legal shows to clusters or crowds for mile(s) around.

It (las Rosas) became known to Burger Records of California, whose jovial proprietors demanded/acquiesced to a non-legal agreement whereby they (the record company) released las Rosas’ debut Extended Play Cassette “Flower In The Sun”, in October of 2013. Since that time, they have been busy traveling the United States in their sea-foam van and recording new songs concerning the heart, police, foul moods, and True Friendship.

What I like about Internet is that it can take away the anonymity in a matter of months, days or even hours. You have to be good at what you do, of course, or to grace a video on youtube. Fortunately ILLLS meets the first requirement. They are a group originally from Oxford, Mississippi, who in their first show ever opened for the band Youth Lagoon (I will say that it may not be a big deal, but here we love YL), which immediately made me hear both available songs they have on their bandcamp, while recognizing the great honor he fully deserved.

His defiant and arrogant pop rock in the song "Teeth," the most nominated so far, do you want to know more about who is behind this proposal. Not lying when I say that there are some comments that claim to have been in his first show, as well as to predict a total stardom for them. And like any good band that makes an impression, they are rumors that the members can be part of other local groups like Slow Talk and Young Buffalo. Nothing concrete reality. But come on, you have to be blind not to know that soon we will have much information.

Their debut EP will be available soon through its bandcamp meantime I recommend you go to download their song "Teeth" and listen "Streetcars," which is more mellow but equally impressive.


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