Combining punk abandon and tightly-coiled dance music has always been bonded into the band's DNA. It's this core plus their growth and mastery of songwriting that has seen them outlive the mid-2000s 'indie/dance punk' tag and has allowed them to consistently grow lyrically and sonically from album to album. As If is their most transcendent collection of songs yet.

"Each album we've made has gotten closer and closer to our live set and this, we're proud to say, is the closest we've come yet. We were heavily influenced by current dance music -- Nina Kraviz, Moodymann, Paranoid London, Rrose and Delroy Edwards were frequently referenced -- and philosophically by the early '90s house records we love on labels like Trax and Dancemania and by artists like Romanthony and Green Velvet. Those records sound great because they're fairly raw attempts to use the technology of the time to ape the New York and Philly disco records that those producers loved. We figured, if those old house records sound like they do because the artists manipulated disco samples with MPCs, why couldn't we just sample ourselves and manipulate the tracks with Ableton Live? The more raw it came out the better it felt, not only because that's what excited us about those old records, but because it felt more punk, which always feels good."


In the summer of 2008, fresh out of NYU with a degree in Ritualistic Shamanism, Los Angeles native Mickey Schiff began White Arrows. Fusing his studies with a drum machine and the looming, immediate presence of a booming NYC club scene, White Arrows was intended less as a group than as a social document, detailing the experiences of Schiff's age cohort - the young, ambitious, fucked up, beautiful children of a new cosmopolitan America - all coastal culture and no middle. It didn't take long before Schiff began seeing "White Arrows" tagged across the lower east side, and tattooed on the arms of friends and acquaintances. White Arrows wasn't a band, it was a youth cult to the "now."

Schiff moved back to Los Angeles by the end of the year, where White Arrows began its life as a performing unit. The current lineup, features Steven Vernet (guitar), Rob Banks (guitar), and Mickey Schiff, as well as younger brother Henry (percussion) and half-brother, John Paul Caballero (bass). Strangely enough, despite having known one another as family friends, the Schiff brothers and Caballero were unaware that they shared a common father, a revelation made known to both parties once they had reached adulthood.

Despite the relatively recent introduction of the band to the east side club scene, the group has developed a solid following among the audiences and promoters of clubs such as the Echo and Spaceland, holding the distinctive honor of being awarded a Spaceland residency in August of 2010 despite having played out for less than a year.

White Arrow's debut EP is slated for a mid-September release, coinciding following on the heels of the group's 5-week Spaceland residency. Containing original material as well as remixes by the likes of RAC (Remix Artist Collective), and Kevin Seaton (Mad Decent), this release has already seen its tracks used in videos by tastemakers such as VBS, Nylon, and Dazed and Confused Magazine, and channels such as HBO (Entourage, How to Make it in America) and MTV (Jersey Shore, The City).

White Arrows stem from the cultural wellspring whence bands, degenerates, and the overall urban mythological spectrum derives. They eschew the bombast of Williamsburg hype for the nuance of a Jets vs. Sharks rumble.

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