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Gore drenched sickness from the disease infested southern shores of Lake Erie.

The Von Frankensteins

Why would a guy who shoots Penthouse Pets in Art Haus bondage flicks for a living need to start a band? Isn't Aerik Von's day job decadent enough?
Apparently not.
Born on the dark side of the New York City Underbelly, The Von Frankensteins are everything your mother warned you about. And then some.
Led by cerebral New England doom-metaller Aerik Von, the self-described 'most unpleasant frontman ever', The Von Frankensteins made their debut as a raucous trio in the Fall of 2010. Featuring a mysterious figure on bass referred to as Shane of The Dead and legendary ex-MISFITS' drummer 'Mr. Jim' Catania on drums, this is a powerful lineup.
Live performances have already put The Von Frankensteins on the radar of the blogosphere and angry youths alike. Nearly every outing with The Von Frankensteins features teens with sharpies, looking for morbidly kitschy merchandise, and a moment with the mouthy but elusive Von.

The first killing frost occurs in mid to late October every year in Reading, Pennsylvania, USA, but for one of the city's own, THRODL, the 'killing floor' occurs every time this brutal heavy metal act steps onto the stage. Founded in 2001, THRODL is a five-piece musical unit of mass destruction that pulls no punches when it comes to making their own crushing sonic statement. Fusing sounds of death.../hardcore with old school punk and thrash, THRODL is that rare band that actually represents today's young and disillusioned the way they want to be: one hundred percent pissed off. Through their music, they help the listener reflect on the pain in society and everyday struggles that we all experience, whether caught in the throes of poverty or being lost in your own mind, THRODL's third full length studio album to date, entitled No Honour In Exile, was released via DRP Records in the U.S. on May 4, 2010 and is a lesson in pure melodic violence. The CD received international distribution by MVD Entertainment and has the group at its most fiercest with thirteen songs that will pummel heads like they're being bounced around in the pit on a hot day in good ole Radiation, PA. The explosive lineup features singer Brad Roche, bassist Kevin Moyer, drummer Justin Skipper, along with guitarists Mike Fidler and Mike Ciotti. As quoted by Pennsylvania Musician 'Zine, "THRODL has a sound/live show which can be compared to a landslide hitting a village." The Metal Den adds: "I hear the future of metal today... and the strains are coming from a furious experimental entity named THRODL."

Ashes Within

Ashes Within plays brutal, honest music. They don't try to emulate a style, or fit into any particular arcane sub-genre of the metal scene. Their songs are crafted for maximum visceral impact, whether it be simple or complex or discordant


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