Nerd Nite

Nerd Nite is a monthly-ish informal gathering at which nerds get together for nerdery of all sorts (well, mostly presentations and drinking). Nerds and non-nerds alike gather to meet, drink and learn something new.

An institution in Boston, New York, Austin, Washington DC, Munich, San Francisco and now Philadelphia! It's like the Discovery Channel ... with beer!

Entry is free and open to all ages 21+

The Sociology of Class in Dragonball Z

Dragonball Z is a popular 90′s anime series. In the show, Saiyans from Planet Vegeta try to save our Earth from evil robots, dragons, and aliens (the other evil-universe-domination-hungry kind). The main protagonists are Goku, and his rival, Vegeta. Goku is from low class Saiyan, while Vegeta is from the planet’s elite class. Through the application of Marxist Class Theory, and Bourdieu’s Social Capital Theory, I will present how both of these characters’ classes are depicted throughout the anime series.

Sexy Local Birdsongs

What is that bird singing outside your window at 4am? Is it making your morning miserable or magical? Learn the basics of birdsong identification and listen to a few of the sexiest birdsongs you may hear in Madison this Spring.

Micro-Monsters: The Perils of Predatory Protists

The average barstool conversation about predation tends to dismiss amoebas and their tiny ilk as simpletons whose microscopic size and formless appearance renders them harmless. Investigation shows them to be more complex and a lot scarier than the the blobs they’re mistaken for. See in horrifying closeups how these predators made of a single cell are among the world’s most important and ravenous hunters.


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