Stellar Kart is a Dove Award Winning Pop-Rock band from Phoenix, Arizona, USA . The band is signed to INO Records and released its first album, All Gas. No Brake, in February 2005. Most of their singles have been accepted exclusively on Christian radio stations such as Air 1. Their song "Me and Jesus" from their 2006 album "We Can't Stand Sitting Down" hit No. 1 for 7 weeks on the Hot Christian Songs chart and won the 2007 Dove Award for "Rock/Contemporary Recorded Song". Their song "Something Holy" from their 2010 album "Everything Is Different Now", an album which adopts a more "worshipful" flavour charted at number 23 on Billboard Magazine for eighteen weeks.Their latest album, "A Whole New World EP", was released on August 16, 2012. ning Band for "Rock/Contemporary Recorded Song" for their single "Me and Jesus" from the album "We Can't Stand Sitting Down". They have been featured on The Logan Show and have toured with The Newsboys, Kutless, Barlow Girl, and many, many more. The band has been nominated for an additional 9 Dove Awards and has produced hits like "Me and Jesus", "Innocent", "Something Holy", "Activate", "Letters", "Jesus Loves You", and "Life is Good". They will have a new album out Spring/Summer 2013!

This The Rescue

Over the last 2 years, we have toured the East Coast, shared the stage with Skillet, opened for Third Eye Blind and supported Pat Benatar. We have had the privilege of using our voice to advocate for the fatherless through our friends at The Mentoring Project. We've heard stories of hope and tragedy, and we've written some ourselves. New friends rescued us when our RV gave out in the Bronx, and old friends rescued us when we lodged it on top of a gas pump in Virginia. Now, these roads have all converged: we are setting out on a new adventure.

We are heading into the studio to record our new EP with Drew Shirley, guitarist for Switchfoot! This The Rescue is excited to debut the new album with Stellar Kart in September!

FM Williams Band

The FM Williams Band is a four-piece Christian Rock band from Northern Virginia and considered by many to be one of the top up & coming bands in the Mid-Atlantic region. This group of professional musicians pours their heart’s conviction and experiences into every song. Known for their reckless abandon to share the love, joy, and peace that can only be found in Jesus Christ, they command the stage with uncommon energy and zeal as they deliver each heart-piercing song.

They have headlined events, toured all over Virginia, Maryland, and Ohio. Furthermore, they have gained recognition by sharing the stage with multiple national headlining bands such as P.O.D., Emery, Run Kid Run, and Brian-HEAD-Welch, and Everyday Sunday (Spring Jam Fest 2011) - Manafest, Icon For Hire, Red, Owl City and TobyMac (KingsFest 2012) - as well as opening for several artists such as The Afters and Sidewalk Prophets.

The Eleventh Hour

The Eleventh Hour is nigh. The setting sun anticipates the culmination of a day. But as one day ends, a new day begins. Each day is a gift, an opportunity to love, serve, and enrich those around you. The Eleventh Hour is a call to action to live a life of purpose, as ambassadors making known the love that Christ has shown the world. Remembering that our days on earth are numbered, but the dawn of a new day awaits us as inheritors of His kingdom.

The Eleventh Hour is a new concept and a new beginning for singer-songwriter Cliff Roebuck in December 2011. With a solid rock backbone and progressive, alternative, and pop undertones, this band has a sound that will demand your attention! Having just released their debut EP, "Epiphany" in January 2012and just got off the road from touring the east coast twice already in two seasons as a band, The Eleventh Hour is making a statement and name for themselves.

Currently, these four guys are embarking on their 46 day summer tour in support of their sophomore EP "Therapy." They are also debuting two music videos and an official band documentary DVD this summer. When returning home in August, the Eleventh Hour will be hard at work writing new songs to return to the studio again for a third EP to come out this year. They will be supporting the EP with 4 tours this fall and winter.

Noel McLeary

In the middle of a “happily-ever-after” that was falling apart, Christian pop/rock artist Noel McLeary began to wrestle with God in a way that she never had before. After teaming up with Dove Award-winning songwriter/producer Rusty Varenkamp, the answers to her questions soon began to take shape in the form of Can’t Escape Your Love EP, an album that speaks volumes to where she has traveled both spiritually and musically. “I feel like God has reinvented who I am”, Noel says, “and I’m so excited to be able to have a chance to share what God has done in my life with the world through my heart and my music”.

Allistair's hit singles "Boomerang" and "Lucky" are out now! His first full length album will be out Spring 2013! Allistair is a project that began in a living room, and evolved into an explosive live act full of energy and ambiance. Since then, Allistair has crossed state lines, lost amplifiers, broken microphones, and had a lot of fun. Zander is the mind behind the music and live show, while his friends help him out playing live. He and his bandmates have hit the stages at Creation Festival 2011 and 2012, Purple Door Festival, and have played with great acts like Emery, Hawk Nelson, Sent by Ravens, House of Heroes, Coastal Rise, Icon For Hire, Skyhawk Drive, The Almost, and more, having a killer time every time they play. Their EP, "Feed The White Dog Love" is in production and is scheduled to be released in Spring 2013. Their first 2 singles, 'Boomerang!' and 'Lucky' are on iTunes and Spotify after February 5th. Come out to a show, grab a shirt, get a high five, talk to one of them. They love making new friends...especially their guitarist. He just eats it up. Really, run up to him and give him an entirely-too-long hug. But seriously, they are here to have fun, make music you love, and their hope is to inspire you, and to show others how good God can be.

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