Children 18:3

Children 18:3 is a Punk Rock band out of Minnesota signed to Tooth & Nail Records. The band was recently in studio with Dove Award Winning Producer Travis Wyrick (10 Years, P.O.D., Dolly Parton, Disciple) to release their third full length record on Tooth & Nail, titled On The Run. They have toured with Norma Jean, Haste The Day, Brian HEAD Welch/Love and Death, Oh Sleeper, The Classic Crime, MyChildren MyBride, and The Showdown. The band is known for hits like "Homemade Valentine", "Cover Your Eyes", "All My Balloons", "Oh Bravo", and their latest single "Moment To Moment".


Armory Infirmary

Since Armory Infirmary’s formation in late 2008, they have faced many lineup changes, adversity within the scene, and countless setbacks. How- ever, the band has kept their focus and established themselves as a dedicated, hardworking staple in the local scene. Unlike some bands who may be in it for their own glory, Armory Infirmary’s music and passion is dedicated to glorifying God. The whole purpose of Armory Infirmary is to reach out to the masses through their music; to tell everyone about their faith in Jesus Christ. The band’s mission statement is rooted in their name: to work as an “Armory” to equip others with the word of God and an “Infirmary” to heal those who have been broken.

Enemy at the Gate

Enemy At The Gate is a Punk/Rock band from Baltimore, MD. They have recently opened for Hurt, Smile Empty Soul, Children 18:3, and Life On Repeat. Here's how it all began...

In November of 2009, Ben Nixon was just getting over his last band, Leave Her to Heaven. Around the same time, Jake Martin (direct relation to Ricky Martin) and Elliott Shoap were looking for a new band after their failed escapades with the band "Sourchild." After one practice, the trio had already written one song together and had had a second down fairly well. As of June 2010, the trio has several more songs written and are currently finishing up a 4-track demo. A new member, Jesse Heimbach, was added in early December of 2010 to take over Ben's bassist position and Ben now plays rhythm guitar. After this demo is completed, shows will ensue to promote the band. We're Enemy at the Gate, and we like to play good music. Give us a listen sometime, you'll not be disappointed.

A Heart's Dead Memory

Among The Silent

Jordan, Brian, and Colin have shared a unique bond ever since their days as young, adventurous lads growing up in an orphanage in Siberia. It was there, in the orphanage, in the village of Yeniseysk, that they met a handsome, bearded buccaneer named Jake. Together, the four adventurers escaped from the village of Yeniseysk (in Siberia) aboard a dogsled pulled by snow leopards stolen from the village chieftain. Upon arriving in Scandinavia they encountered Jake's long lost accomplice Drew. However, since unemployment was excessively high in Scandinavia at the time, the five were faced with utter desolation from lack of mastication (in other words, they were starving to death). So, to stave off their demise, the five intrepid lads decided to form a band. And thus Among the Silent was born!

Many moons have passed since Among the Silent's birth, and many things have changed for this rocking band. Jake has since lain down his sword and instead taken up a scalpel, deciding to devote his excessive brains, good looks, and beardedness towards the betterment of mankind. Drew... Well, Drew's adventures must remain secret at this time. But never fear, you can expect to hear about great things directly related to or resulting from this young man. (Hint: he will be wearing a cape and tights.)

Unfortunately for Among the Silent, when Jake and Drew moved on to bigger and better things, the poor band was left with a hole in it's heart...and a vacant seat behind the drum set. However, quite fortunately for Among the Silent, there was Stephen.

And so, with Jordan's melodious vocal wizardry (and fantastic hair), Brian's thundering bass (and rippling muscles), Colin's lightening fast guitar licks (and ravishing good looks), and Stephen's drumming, Among the Silent carries on... Ever onward...

Who Am I?

Who Am I? Started as a spin off of the band D3. While the band was on hiatus, Zac and Stephen decided to take their Christian rock/rap a step further. After writing a set list of tracks from their phone, they decided to make their project a real show, and God has blessed them ever since.

$5.00 - $10.00


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